CAROL CITY (CBS4) – A vandal armed with cans of spray paint did more than $20,000 in damages to Carol City High School on Memorial Day.

Now Miami-Dade Schools police plan to release surveillance video of the person in action in hopes that someone recognizes him and gives them a call. The video shows a male wearing a mask, black pants and a Carol City High School t-shirt seen spraying graffiti on the school’s walls.

Expletives are used in reference to the Principal; prompting one 9th grader, Eldreanna Williams, to say, “I feel sorry for that Principal, Mister Dunn. It hurts my feelings that they did that.”

There is also mention of a “hit list,” and the number 2012, an apparent reference to the graduating class, is seen on picnic tables.

Students like 10th grader Kierra Felton told CBS4 that they will not forget what they saw.

“I saw some graffiti saying hit list and then the Principal’s name out there on the side of the school,” she said. “I think it was childish. I don’t know why you’d go to school to do something like this. You shouldn’t have done this. I’d say to this person who did this that you should get a life.”

“I think it was very disrespectful. It makes the school look bad and really hurts our reputation,” said 10th grader Lidia Morejon.

“Wow! I can’t believe that someone did this at my school,” said 9th grade student Brendan Thomas.

Miami-Dade Schools Police Sgt. Ivan Silva said there was about $15,000 worth of damage from the graffiti and $7,000 worth of damage to two vending machines.

While Silva said the surveillance tape could prompt some leads, he urges anyone with information about this case to call Miami-Dade Schools Police at (305) 995-COPS (2677) or Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at (305) 471-TIPS (8477).