It’s all part of today’s digital lifestyle..staying “connected” 24-7 on the ‘Net…with your latest digtal helper.

But increasingly, cyber-thieves are turning to High-Tech Texts…to trick you with their latest cyber-scams.

  Some of the most active ways I-D thieves are trying to scam your identity are coming thru as text messages from your phones, Ipads or other digital devices. And there’s a name for it: It’s called “Smishing” after the Text’s SMS service capabilities and the older “Phishing” Scams that have been around for years using regular Email.

The latest one comes into your text service like this: ” Dear Walmart shopper, you have just won a $1000 Walmart gift here to claim your gift”.

Cyber-Fraud Investigator James Porter of the Secret Service’s Miami Field Office says this attempted I-S Theft is sweeping the country. Porter says it’s an innocent looking message that could easily be mistaken for a great deal.

The veteran cyber-fraud investigator says “I’m sure many people when they’ve receive a text message like this assume they have free money coming their way”

After numerous calls from its’ customers, Walmart recently posted an extensive  warning on it’s internet site that the gift card text was indeed a scam.

The Secret Service warns this kind of hi-tech fraud is aimed at getting customers personal i-d and banking information.

Porter says “Once a victim provides that type of information they then become subject to identity theft or possibly having your entire bank account taken from you”

The original phony website the bogus text sends you to has been taken down.

Investigators expect a new one to pop up any day now.

That’s why they warn consumers don’t respond to any un-solicited emails, text messages or phone calls seeking your confidential information.


More Info on this “Smishing Scam”:



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