MIAMI (CBS4) – Four-year-old Colton Mopsick has what he calls “special eyes”.

“He has something called aniridia, it basically means the absence of an iris, but it also means the rest of his eye didn’t develop,” said Colton’s mother Helen Mopsick.

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Little Colton is considered legally blind. Using their passion for the strength and conditioning program CrossFit, Colton’s parents created an organization called “SeeFit” to benefit the visually impaired.

“You really can change the way research is being done,” Helen said.

In order to raise awareness for SeeFit, Crossfit members Jonathan Weislow, Eric Marrero, Dylan Malitsky and Noah Ohlsen have decided to raise the bar.

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“We got a call from these guys saying we’d like to take this trip out to see ‘the games’ and we want to dedicate it to SeeFit are you interested,” Helen said.

Weislow, Marrero, Malitsky and Ohlsen plan to travel cross-country from Miami to Los Angeles where they will finish their trip on July 13th by attending the CrossFit National Games.

“Along the way we’ll stop at different gyms, we’re going to talk about what SeeFit represents and talk a little about the different conditions,” Malitsky said.

One-hundred-percent of the proceeds raised from their trip will go to “SeeFit” which to date has raised 100-thousand dollars.

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Weislow, Marrero, Malitsky and Ohlsen will be blogging and documenting their cross-country trip. For more information on their journey or how you can help, go to