MIAMI BEACH (CBS4) – Nestled in the heart of South Beach, the Epicure Market has been a staple of the community since 1945.

“Epicure is an institution; we’re going to try to keep it going forever. It’s one of a kind,” owner and CEO Jason Starkman told CBS4’s Rhiannon Ally.

Jason and his brother bought Epicure in 1998. He said from the start they immediately knew they had found something special.

“There’s something about the service, the family feel,” said Starkman. “When we bought Epicure, we bought a family. And we were very happy to be accepted by the family.”

He said as CEO he believes in treating each employee that way.

“From the chefs to cashiers, they all feel like they can say hello, ask questions. That’s what we try to do,” said Starkman.

That family feel, along with making sure the products inside the market are the very best, is what makes it a success, according to Starkman.

“We don’t let anything change or alter what we do. When the economy goes bad, we don’t change what we do. Epicure has been here 50 years; you only get that way by not changing the identity,” said Starkman.

He admits, however, a successful boss has to know when to take a step back.

“There are chefs that have been here 45 years that aren’t going to listen to me. Who am I to tell them any different? ”

They have made some upgrades over the years, including a new café in the South Beach location. They also opened a second location in Sunny Isles Beach, which includes an outdoor eating area.

Starkman said any good boss is only as good as his employees.

“I kind of leave them alone. I don’t step on their toes. We give them everything they need to work. I try and make sure when they need something, I’m here for them.”

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