MIAMI (CBS4) – I clearly chose the wrong career.

If there’s such a thing as reincarnation, next time around, I’d be an app developer.

Last week, we told you about Florence Colgate, deemed Britain’s most beautiful woman, using scientific measurements compared against a mathematical ideal.

Now, one of the most popular apps, downloaded five million times, is something called the Ugly Meter.  It claims to compare your picture to those mathematical ideals to tell you whether you are ugly or beautiful.

Anti-cyber-bullying advocates are concerned, but the app is a mostly joke.  In the few pictures we took, I ranged from the top to the bottom of the scale; from what the app said was so hot I cause global warming to so ugly they can use my picture at scare away rats.  Nice.

It said producer Phil Berman is so ugly he makes glass eyes cry.  Harsh.

But it consistently found Shannon beautiful, giving her a perfect score twice, so hot, it said the sun is jealous.

The best and worst I can say about the app is that it will give you a good laugh.

The app’s developers are sure laughing, all the way to the bank and well on their way to making seven figures.


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