MIAMI (CBSMiami) — Dream Water, an all natural product, promises to make all those sleepless nights drift away.

Vincent Porpiglia, the inventor of Dream Water, said it was his own sleepless nights that gave him his eureka moment.

“I was just thinking about energy drinks and how successful they were becoming and there’s tons of sleeping pills but there is no sleeping drinks, so that sparked an idea,” said Porpiglia.

Dream Water advertises itself as an answer to those restless souls who have trouble shutting down at the end of the day.

“It’s the first water that helps you relax and go to sleep,” explained Porpiglia. “It’s a product that’s relevant for today’s world where everyone is going 100 miles an hour. Work hours are getting even longer. People are stressed out from the economy and a million other things.”

We asked a local police officer, a mother and an investigator who suffered from insomnia to test Dream Water for three nights. The results were mixed.

Sgt. Henry Guzman said, “It immediately relaxed me. Next day, I felt refreshed no issues at all.”

Karen Guzman, a mother of four and a dental hygenist, also tried it. “I took it not expecting anything at all because it didn’t taste like it would do anything. Within a half an hour I was feeling just nice and relaxed and like I could fall asleep.”

Babette Rox, an investigator for local law enforcement had something different to say about Dream Water. “I did notice on the evenings that I drank the Dream Water that I was restless.”

While this product may promise to cut the sheep out of sleepless nights, others like Florida sleep specialist, Dr. James Kraisen, believe this product to be a temporary fix to a bigger problem.

He told CBS4’s Vanessa Borge, “Most sleep supplements people take without evaluating their sleep and that’s a problem. If someone has a specific problem with their sleep, sleep supplements do not overcome that problem.”

According to Dr. Krainsen, the way our body reacts at night is due to what we put into it during the day.

“Someone has a bad night’s sleep which can  happen to any of us. What do they do the next day? They drink a half a pot of coffee. Well they suddenly have a lot of caffeine so they  don’t fall asleep that night. So they’re tired the next day. They drink more coffee,” explained Krainsen.

To Dr. Krainsen, a sleep supplement like Dream Water is not the first think to look to for more sleep.

“If the underlying problem is that you’re taking too many energy drinks, you should probably cut down. If the underlying problem is you’re not getting enough sleep at night, you should probably get more sleep. If the underlying problem is your sleep is of poor quality, you should see someone,” said Krainsen.

Vanessa, who said she likes to exercise at night, only a couple of hours before bedtime said she’s seen an increase in her sleepless nights because her body hasn’t had time to relax, post workout. She said changing her schedule would help her get a good nights sleep.

You should always check your daily grind before taking something for those treasured “Zs.”