Big Story:
Marlins struggle in DC, Heat come back in style Sunday, and the Cats are on the cusp of advancing; plus the NFL Draft, and why the Heat should consider trading Dwyane Wade….wait, what?

Lyrics of the Day:
“What do you see in the dark when the demons come for you,” from the song “Releasing the Demons,” by Godsmack.

Heat: (off Monday, @ Boston Tuesday)
Yknow, I kinda had déjà vu watching the Heat play the Wizards on Saturday.
It was Dwyane Wade and a cast of stiffs and the game ended like I thought it would, with a loss.
It reminded me of what it was like before LeBron and Bosh got here.
The difference is that Wade could carry them back then, now, not so much.
I mean Washington is one of the WORST teams in the NBA and Miami couldn’t beat them without LeBron and Bosh.
That’s just sad.
LeBron came back on Sunday and helped thump the Rockets.
LBJ had 32 points, 8 rebounds, and 5 assists.
Nice to see Joel Anthony, Norris Cole, and Mike Miller all score double digits.
I kinda liked seeing Cole start just because it helps set a frenetic pace offensively for the Heat and the opponent.
That said, come playoff time, he’s heading back to the bench.
But speaking of Dwyane Wade, here’s the argument I had with myself while watching part of Sunday’s game.

Should the Heat Consider Moving D-Wade?
I know, it’s heresy to speak of such considering what he’s given the town, but here’s why I mention it.
He’s getting up there in years and he’s seemingly injured at least once a week during the regular season.
When he’s on, he’s a difference maker, but realistically, he hasn’t been on since the All-Star break thanks to nagging injuries and such.
Now, he can erase all these thoughts in the playoffs.
Plus, it will never happen because I’m convinced he was as much of a reason to get LeBron here as Pat Riley was.
It’s just one of those things that your mind starts thinking and you start playing the what if game.
Plus, it was more entertaining to think about that than watch what was on TV yesterday.

Marlins: (Off Monday)
Well, the Marlins headed back towards the cellar after two straight losses to the Nationals.
Things may get easier this week with the Fish heading to New York to face the Metropolitans.
Reasons to Worry – Jose Reyes is hitting just above the Mendoza line, Mike Giancarlo Stanton has no power this year,
Reasons to be Hopeful – Carlos Zambrano is pitching well, Anibal Sanchez is pitching well, Hanley Ramirez is sort of swinging the bat better
Point to ponder – The Houston Astrodome has been unoccupied for several years now. The dome would cost $225 million or so in today’s money. I believe it cost around $60-70 back then. It will cost more to destroy it than to leave it standing. Here’s where Miamians should cringe…..Houston is still paying for it I believe.

Panthers: (off Monday, Game 6 in New Jersey Tuesday)
One win away.
That’s all we need is one stinking win.
Jose Theodore came up big and outplayed the Devils and Martin Brodeur Saturday.
A shutout in the playoffs is always something to enjoy and the Cats earned it.
Gotta love the power play and penalty kill units for Florida here in the first round…just stellar play.
Now the series heads back to the Jersey Shore for a battle on Tuesday where the Cats can clinch their first playoff series win since 1996.
In other words, since I was in high school.
That’s disturbing on a lot of levels right there considering I’m hitting my mid-30’s.
The Cats even earned a spot on the NBC Sports Network for Game 6.
It really would be something to see the Cats take it next level and make it to the second round.
Seriously, this is a team everyone, including this writer, left for dead at the start of the season.
Even if they don’t take the Eastern Conference, just getting to the playoffs and possibly winning a series is enough to celebrate.
And like I said before, they have a fully-stocked farm system just waiting to make an impact in the NHL.

Dolphins/NFL Draft:
Early this morning, wrote that Stephen Ross is pushing for the Dolphins to draft Ryan Tannehill.
I love the site and they are great, but this one is kind of a “DUH!” story, and that’s not a shot at the site.
Of course Ross is pushing for Tannehill, he’s been pushing for every decent quarterback with a pulse since he’s been here.
But he’s deferred all decisions to Jeff Ireland and Ireland is from the Bill Parcells camp that is loathe to taking quarterbacks in the first round.
Heck, that could be the Dolphins camp too since the last time they took a first round quarterback was in 1983 when they drafted some stiff named Dan Marino.
Yknow, just once I’d like to mention the Dolphins and quarterback and not think of Marino.
But I digress.
Here’s what I continue to think though….
I would seriously consider drafting a pass rusher early and then trading back into round 1 for Brandon Weeden.
That said, I would be perfectly happy with Tannehill in the first and an offensive lineman in the early second.
Dolphins fans need to accept the fact that Tannehill won’t start right away and needs at least most of this season to learn the NFL offenses.
Given the Fins have sold a total of roughly 30,000 season tickets to a stadium that holds north of 70,000.
It’s less than a week away….I’ll try to put up the Mock Draft either today or Tuesday.

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