MIRAMAR (CBS4) – For the first time, Miramar Police are calling the husband of a missing woman a “person of interest” in her disappearance.

Vilet Torrez, a mother of three, has not been seen since late March.

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Tuesday, after CBS 4 News uncovered several search warrants served by detectives in the investigation, police confirmed that Cid Torrez is a person of interest.

One of the search warrants says that on April 11 Torrez provided a DNA sample, several hair samples and fingerprints to detectives.

The warrant does not indicate the outcome of the testing of the samples.

CBS 4 News spoke with Torrez Tuesday at his job near Hollywood.

“Did you have anything to do with her disappearance?” asked CBS 4’s Carey Codd.

“Nothing at all,” replied Torrez.

Torrez did say that the speculation is weighing heavily on him.

“It’s not easy trying to stay together,” he said. “I got three kids that I gotta fight for. If I don’t keep myself together my kids will be gone.”

In fact, a Broward County judge already removed the couple’s children from Torrez’s care and placed them with Vilet’s family. Torrez will have supervised visits.

The search warrants show that police are investigating this case as a murder. Vilet’s sister and father learned Tuesday that police now believe foul play was involved.

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“Why would anybody try to do that to her?” asked her sister Nayiva Blanco. “Try to do something bad to her? She has never done anything to deserve such a thing.”

Police are still trying to solve the case and the search warrants reveal that police also searched Cid Torrez’s Jaguar as well as another car belonging to Vilet.

The warrants also confirm what was witnessed by CBS 4 News earlier this month — that investigators removed numerous items from the house the couple shared until recently. Among them — bricks with strange markings on them.

CBS 4 cameras also captured images of faint stains or smears on the front door.

Najiva Blanco said she was not surprised that Cid Torrez is being called a person of interest.

“We always knew there was problems in the marriage,” she said.

Cid Torrez has not been charged with a crime and he said he continues to search for his wife.

He said he wants her home.

“I’m counting the hours, I’m counting the minutes,” he said. “I’m hoping she comes back.”

However, Vilet’s sister said it is difficult to hear the words from her brother-in-law. She said her sister was finally making plans to divorce Torrez.

She said Torrez has not joined them in putting up flyers or looking for her sister.

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“He should be out there doing everything possible on this earth to bring her back,” she said through tears. “I don’t care how many problems he had with her.”