MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The reeling Miami Marlins faced the Houston Astros in Marlins Park for the first time since manager Ozzie Guillen was suspended for his comments on Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

Tuesday, Guillen gave an impassioned apology to Marlins fans and Cuban-Americans asking that he be forgiven for what he said. Guillen has repeatedly apologized after he was quoted by Time Magazine saying he admired Fidel Castro.

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“It’s not what will happen today, it’s what will happen in the future,” Guillen said Tuesday. “I live in Miami. My family is in Miami. I will do everything I can do to get things better. I will do everything in my power, and the Marlins power, to believe and help this community.”

Fans said Friday, they wouldn’t let Guillen’s comments stop them from cheering for the Marlins.

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Ralph Sosa said, “People make mistakes and they’re allowed. They deserve to be forgiven,” but he called Guillen’s comments “very ignorant.”

Carlos Valderrama said he didn’t think Guillen should have been suspended, “that’s why we’re in the United States. Everybody has self expression and you know what he did what felt he did in his heart, so i don’t see (any)thing wrong with that, and I’m a Cuban American.”

First baseman Gaby Sanchez told CBS4 Friday that he still supports Guillen as manager.

“I talked to Ozzie and I understood and I know what he’s trying to say and trying to do its just one of those topic buttons that its hard to touch anytime his name is out there you don’t like it,” Sanchez said.

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“We all support Ozzie,” said interim manager Joey Cora. “He’s our leader. It is what it is. He’s our leader he thought about what he did he apologized we have to move on we have to play baseball.”