MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The firestorm that erupted over Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen’s is showing no signs of letting up, but the focus has started to shift towards what punishment, if any, Guillen may face.

Miami-Dade Commissioner Joe Martinez called for Guillen to be fired Monday morning. Martinez’s view has not picked up steam among a majority of people, at least not yet.

The Marlins knew that Guillen was likely to say something controversial at any time. Part of the appeal about Guillen was that he was unfiltered in his comments almost all of the time. But sometimes, Guillen will take it a step too far.

Sports journalists have labeled Guillen the gift that keeps on giving for his penchant for saying controversial things. baseball writer Ken Rosenthal opined Monday morning that Guillen should be suspended 30 games for his comments that he admired Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. Again, that long of a suspension is almost unheard of in baseball.

But there is precedent for imposing suspensions. The most comparable case could arguably be that of former Cincinnati Reds owner Marge Schott.

In 1993, Major League Baseball banned Schott from day-to-day operations of the team after she said that Hitler was initially good for Germany. She also made several other racist and homophobic statements over several years.

Other suspensions include Pete Rose receiving a 30 game suspension for shoving an umpire. Relief pitcher Frank Francisco was suspended 16 games after he got into an altercation with a fan. Pitcher Kenny Rogers assaulted a cameraman and received a 20 game suspension.

The Marlins have remained silent on exactly what they may be considering as has Major League Baseball. Guillen has apologized repeatedly for his statement and will return to Miami Tuesday to again make a public apology for what he said.

The Marlins knew that Guillen was controversial when he was hired last December. He has a proven track record as a winner and the only thing that might save him from a prolonged punishment is a lot wins early in the season.


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