MIAMI (CBSMiami) – U.S. Senator Marco Rubio wants the legislature and the public to not rush to judgment on the “stand your ground” law and instead wait for more information on the Trayvon Martin case to come out.

The law, which was passed in 2005, allows Floridians to use deadly force if they feel their life is threatened in any location. Many states have a similar law, but restrict it to a person’s home.

The law is being used as a defense by George Zimmerman who shot and killed Trayvon Martin. Former Governor Jeb Bush, who signed the law, said it didn’t apply in this case. Rubio is taking a more nuanced position that allows him to defend the law while not blaming Martin for the shooting either.

“We don’t know the facts in this case … I think a lot of people have rushed to judgment,” Rubio said, according to the News Service of Florida. “It’s a self defense law. Stand your ground does not allow you to chase somebody and shoot them. I’m not saying that’s what happened in this case, but if it happened in this case, or any other case, stand your ground does not apply. Let’s wait until the facts are out so we can have an intelligent debate.”

Opinions on the shooting of Martin have broken down almost along racial and political lines.

Recent polling found Republicans said the law had nothing to do with the shooting and that Martin may have been to blame as much as Zimmerman. Democrats and a plurality of independents say the shooting had to do with Martin’s race and that the stand your ground law should be repealed.

The stand your ground law was passed while Rubio was in the state legislature, but before he became Speaker.

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  1. Victor Barney says:

    Sen. Rubio, not going to work: Women and Cain have a fist-born blood-covenant with death made 6,000 years ago and now it’s coming to fruitition. No? Watch! p.s. Welcome to Adam’s world. Just saying…

  2. whythemlord says:

    mr Rubio would you want one of your kids to be followed then shot and killed

  3. siweld says:

    Wow!, finalya intelligent politician. You want to run for King of Florida? (you earned my vote)

  4. MelRoy says:

    Senator, the longer we hold off putting the law under the microscope, the more innocent people get killed. Stop being an NRA/ALEC puppet and work with the task force to fix a broken law and close the loophole that lets murderers walk free. You owe it to Pedro Roteta, to Omar Bodilla, to Brandon Baker, to David James and 125 other victims of dubious “Strand Your Ground” defences where the shooter initiated the confrontation against an unarmed man. Nobody in their right mind thinks Trevor Dooley was justified in shooting David James in front of his 8 year old daughter over an argument about skateboarders on tennis courts, yet at this very moment Dooley’s lawyers are using “Stand Your Ground” as an affirmative defence and may succeed. Greyton Garcia is a free man even though he chased his victim for two blocks before stabbing him to death on the street because a neighbor suspected the victim wanted to steal Garcia’s car radio. Every drug dealer, addict, schizophrenic and psychotic who can legally get a gun is given a license to shoot first. The NRA and ALEC are trying to make it illegal for all colleges to restrict weapons on campuses! They want children to carry loaded weapons into classrooms. They want arguments settled in gunfights on our streets, in classrooms, in courthouses and even churches!

  5. John says:

    We wouldn’t need this law if the current situation in our country wasn’t so dangerous due to certain sectors of society that haven’t been able to assimilate into being a productive part of the general population.