MIAMI (CBS4) – Senator Marco Rubio responded to last night’s Something Extra where I showed you how the Senator joked in a speech about the challenges of the 1970s and got big laughs when he mentioned Jimmy Carter, bell bottoms and disco.

But he got some light-hearted booing when he messed with the Bee Gees, and I took him task about it.

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Today, the Senator doubled down, maybe pulling my leg, tweeting a response, saying: “Those giving me grief for my Bee Gees comment, get Nicki Minaj’s new album to hear what good music sounds like.”

My taste in music is far from cutting-edge and I’m sure the Senator is much more hip than I am, but did you see Minaj’s controversial and atrocious performance at the Grammy Awards?

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Is the Senator really listening to and liking that?

If he becomes the Republican running mate and gets elected, we might have some interesting music at the vice-presidential mansion.

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There’s no accounting for taste… I’ll stick with the pre-disco Bee Gees.