MIAMI (CBS4) – The family of an FAU student caught on video erupting during an evolution class is speaking out about the episode.

Jonatha Carr’s family told CBS4’s Carey Codd that the 24-year-old has dealt with mental illness since she was 13.

On the video, which has been viewed more than 30,000 times on YouTube, Carr is seen using profanity, threatening a teacher and her fellow students and saying things like “white people suck.” She is also seen pushing a student and a teacher.

Carr’s mother Joyce and sister Nicole said Jonatha was diagnosed as bipolar more than 10 years ago. They say she is on medication but something must have snapped during the class.

Her family says Jonatha is neither racist nor violent by nature.

“As a family and Jonatha as well we take full responsibility. We don’t minimize it because although she’s mentally ill, it’s part of her,” Joyce Carr said. “She’s not what that 4 minute video — or however long it is — that’s not who she is.”

Her sister, Nicole, said she’s seen her sister act out but the family knows how to deescalate the situation.

“She’s ashamed of what she said,” Nicole told CBS 4’s Carey Codd. “She saw the video and she cried when she saw it. When she’s like that it’s not her speaking. It’s the mental illness speaking.”

Her family says Jonatha is normally on an even keel — like in video from the day before the outburst.  CBS4 cameras captured her preparing for a rally in support of Trayvon Martin.

Her mother says Jonatha is a senior pre-med student at FAU with a high GPA and a goal of helping others.

That’s what makes the words so hard for her mom to hear.

“To just hear that, it just goes against everything that I know she stands for,” Joyce said.

Jonatha’s mother told CBS4 News that her daughter was hospitalized for several days after the outburst and is now at home. She said doctors have given her a new medication that is helping her.

Her mother said Jonatha wants to graduate this semester and her family is preparing to meet with university officials next week to ask whether she can continue her studies.

In the video, students are shocked at the words coming from Jonatha’s mouth.

“She said, ‘Will evolution will kill off black people’ or something like that,” says Badal Patel who was sitting in the classroom.

“She didn’t like the answer the professor gave her so she flipped on everybody,” Patel told CBS4’s Joan Murray.

Patel also described how Carr then pushed one classmate in the head.

“She nudged him and his glasses fell off. She came at him and said ‘You raped my ancestors’.”

Another professor heard the commotion and rushed to the classroom.

He’s heard on the video saying “Get out of here!”

You can hear Carr snap back, “You get out of here.”

Once outside, the campus police arrived and student Shelby Pelz saw what happened next. Pelz also captured the scene on cell phone video.

“When she first came out she looked crazed. I mean her eyes were literally crossed,” says Pelz.
“As soon as cops showed up she pretended to faint and that’s when she started cursing white people.”

“She wasn’t cooperating and the police tased her. The car shook and she shook.”

On the drive to the county’s Mental Health Center for treatment, officers said they had to stun Carr three times because she refused to cooperate and was acting wildly.

When officers arrived at the Mental Health Unit they said Carr refused to get out of the vehicle.

They had to physically remove her from the car and take inside the building.

Carey Codd

Comments (9)
  1. Rachel Bustamante says:

    lmao i was in class when this happened… this heffer is hilarious!!! lmao

  2. Jon Carr says:

    Excuses, excuses. Just another black person freaking out for no apparent reason other than to get attention. Stupid bi%&*.

  3. Oh Gee Mack says:

    WOW. Rachel and Jon you all are just as sick in the head. If you’ve ever been around someone who’s bi-polar they become a completely different person than who they normally are. To make the comments you made is very insensitive and stupid. You show yourselves to be low and selfish. A detriment to the human race.

    P.S. Jon your mother is a “Stupid bi%&*” for giving birth to you.

  4. Daimen Bokk says:

    @Oh gee mack, you did the same thing you condemned, calling two people sick in the head because they don’t understand mental illness, She could be both Bi-Polar and a Stupid B$#ch. Not all Bi-polar people become different people and Bi-polar people are aware of their actions and are still responsible, I know for a fact as I am bi-polar. In fact ALL people are different levels of Bi-polar, if we were not Bi-polar we would have NO emotions and everything would feel the same. I would freak out and not want to get out of the car if they were going to take me to South County, that place can be evil. Years ago when I was feeling suicidal(I was homeless on disability) they strapped me to a bed and covered me with wet sheets, like that is going to make a person who is seriously depressed feel better. I would like to know what the question was that set her off.

  5. Melody Cone says:

    My heart goes out to Jonaha,her family and the classroom that had to witness the episode.Bipolar is such a devastating condition,that for those who have never dealt with up close and in person, it is difficult to understand. Mental health issues in this world are still so taboo and society fails us at every turn in order to help address this devastating disorder.
    It’s not just the person who suffers with the illnes but almost everyone who is contact with the person delas with it. Triggers are often hard to determine,but when a trigger is present the behavior is unpredictable and even uncontrollable,it is as if the person becomes unplugeed to reality,it is like a possession and wires in the mind become completely crossed.My prayers are with her family ,and with her.My prayers ae with the students and faculty of FAU. I pray they never have to deal with this problem in their own family or home.Bipolar is not an easy life sentence,no mental health disorder is.

    1. Think Smart says:

      Thats very true and to people like the first couple of people speak ignorant makes me upset. I am a therapist who have worked with Bipolar patients and there are several triggers that people are unaware of but people who do not know them such as Rachael or the other person will one day know or face someone with a mental illness. The reality is that everybody knows or will know someone with a mental illness

  6. pleazeee says:

    I’ve had issues since 13 and y’all know what? IF I EVER behaved like that, I’d be forced to take responsibility for myself. She and her entire family have been shammed. That excuse does not fly.

    EVERYONE, unless they have brain damage, must take responsibility for their actions and she does not have brain damage. If so, then her parents are responsible to the students and professors she harmed. What if she had a weapon besides her huge hands? IMO, she said exactly what she wanted and hit; she put her hands on a student and teacher. Get REAL!

    I hope all those harmed by HER choice to incite a riot, sue. I believe she could have cause severe damage by pushing that kids head back like she did. I pray she never goes back to that school or any other until she grows up and takes her meds like an adult.

  7. pleazeee says:

    They sure didn’t report well on what she said and did.

    Warning extreme language and violence.
    Sad part is the professor gave her at least 4 times to chill. If the only one who had guts didn’t come in when he did; what would have happened?