SANFORD (CBSMiami) – New information now contradicts Sanford police chief’s initial claims that there wasn’t enough probable cause to arrest George Zimmerman in the murder of 17-year old Trayvon Martin.

Angela Corey, a special prosecutor assigned to case by Gov. Rick Scott, told CBS4 news partner The Miami Herald that early in the investigation police requested an arrest warrant from the Seminole County State Attorney’s Office.

An incident report on the shooting classified it as “homicide/negligent manslaughter.”

Corey said police did file a capias (a request that charges be filed) with the State Attorney’s Office.

The Seminole County State Attorney’s Office declined to comment on whether its prosecutors ever recommended against filing charges.

On Wednesday, surveillance video obtained by ABC News from inside the Sanford Police Department shows Zimmerman being led into the station in handcuffs. The 28-year-old’s head and face are visible throughout the tape and although grainy, show no visible bruises or injuries. His attorney has said Zimmerman’s nose was broken in the fight and the back of his head was gashed.

A lawyer for Martin’s family says the video clearly shows that Zimmerman’s nose wasn’t broken and he had no noticeable blood on his head and face.

A confrontation between self-appointed neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman and 17-year-old Travon left the teen dead. Zimmerman told police he had killed Martin in self defense after Martin attackd and beat him. Family members believe Zimmerman stalked Trayvan and gunned him down.

According to the paper, the night of the shooting the State Attorney’s Office was consulted but a prosecutor was never sent to the scene of the shooting.

At the time, Police Chief Bill Lee cited the state’s “Stand Your Ground” law and stated publicly there was no probable cause to arrest Zimmerman based on the statute. This sparked outrage and cries for justice across the nation.

As the outrage grew, Gov. Scott brought in Corey, the state attorney for Duval, Nassau and Clay counties, to replace Seminole County State Attorney Norm Wolfinger. Corey has been charged with reviewing what critics complain was a botched, racist investigation by the Sanford Police Department. Her investigation mandate “includes the power to arrest, to empanel the grand jury to hear evidence and the power to handle this case in all of its relevant aspects.”

A grand jury will be convened April 10 to consider whether to bring state charges, which could include second-degree murder or manslaughter. The Justice Department’s civil rights division and the FBI have also launched their own investigation into the shooting.

Lee has temporarily stepped aside as chief during the Martin investigation.

The Associated Press and CBS4 news partner The Miami Herald contributed to this report

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  1. Ed says:

    The only thing this proves, is police can make mistakes. Apparently there was NOT enough probable cause. For your information, CBS, the police (luckily and happily) REFER cases to attorneys and do NOT issue warrants. They RECOMMENDED in this case, and due to LACK OF EVIDENCE were turned down.

    Evidence apparently concerns yu as much as it does Al Sharpton.

    Your BIAS is showing again…

    1. Washingtonorbust says:

      Your wasting your time. The real racists just wants to keep marching and complaining. There’s enough evidence that has come out “proving” Zimmerman did the right thing. If a thug attacked me and I was armed I’d shoot him too. It’s called self defense. But never let facts get in the way of a good photo shoot for Al and Jesse. Did they ever apologize to the Duke players ? This has been fed by the media. It sells to stupid bottom feeders looking for something to complain about.

    2. gofer says:

      Notice the term “gunned down”. This is bad, biased reporting.

    3. Snooble says:

      I like your upper case words, you should also try and increase your use of punctuation marks.

    4. RANDRAND says:


    5. nchell says:

      People could almost accept it if it had been truly a mistake. This was a very sad attempt at a cover up. The cops just didn’t want to be bothered with investigating the shooting. So to that I say I hpoe they all get what’s coming to them.

    6. pepeninguno says:

      It seems to be that G. Zimmerman has already been coached very well by his ex-judge father on what to say or what not, i wonder if there are any ties of ex-judge Zimmerman and the state attorney’s office in Sanford. This seems to me like a big cover up. This man should have already been jailed for manslaughter at least. The only reasonable explanation i see is because of the fact that his dad is an ex-judge and he made some phone calls to have his son not arrested and made it look like self defence, after all, wouldnt an ex-judge know how to get his son out of this mess ?

  2. Steve says:

    What race is the cop?

    Seems to be the only thing that matters.

    1. Thomas says:

      Why would that matter? That matters about as much as the voter affiliation of the shooter. He’s a democrat by the way.

  3. zig zag says:

    cbs uses the baby pic of Trayvon Martin instead of the now available teen one. “gunned down” when the facts say Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman hitting him on the head. Personal friends of Zimmerman thorugh the years say he was anything but bigioted. Trayvone was caught with pot and stolen goods. Twitter account says he took a swing at his bus driver. Hello, anyone home.

    1. Joe says:

      and zimmerman has a past arrest of hitting a cop and beating his girlfriend… twice. guess what? most people suck. trayvon was no angel, but zimmerman was a felon with a gun. and now a kid is dead.

      manslaughter at the very least, murder if more facts come out.

      1. steamboat says:

        Joe say it ain’t so. “felon” ?!? Why don’t you actually wait for the facts to come out and shut up in the interm.

      2. David says:

        Zimmerman was not a felon – or he could not have gotten a permit for concealed carry – girlfriend asked for an order against Zimmerman and he filed one on her bith expierd – do your research – let the justice system do its work and let your anger and your own hatred cool off. If a crime was committed Zimmerman will go to jail -even if a crime was not committed no way he will escape being tried and punished now. To high a set of stakes – no way to get a fair trial when the chief law enforcement officer of the country starts making personal remarks about the case.

      3. jkinne7 says:

        B.S. A felon in possession of a firearm is an immediate trip to the slammer – that’s state AND federal law! The cops run the guy at the scene and if he pops as a felon, he is IMMEDIATELY taken into custody – they don’t run to the State Attorney and ask if it’s OK to arrest him! I’m having a really hard time with any of the accusations that you stated. Maybe you should change your name to Jack – you know, as in I don’t know Jack!

      4. RCM says:

        Ah Joe, If Zimmerman is a felon and turned himself in as the shooter than maybe this reporter is on to something. Could the police be that incompetent? A felon with a license to carry concealed?

      5. phonebill says:

        A felon with a gun??? Based on what? What information do you have that was not publicized by the media covering this story? As I’ve read, charges were dropped meaning he is NOT a felon.

      6. zig zag says:

        attack me and i will shot u

      7. zig zag says:

        attack me and i will shot you

      8. Kyle says:

        You want a felon w a gun? go look at Black Panter bounty offerer Hashim Nzinga.

      9. josie abbott says:

        What I blogged from the moment this story came out. They were going to find that Trayvon was no angel and that he started the confrontation when he attacked Zimmerman. There was NO RACISM involved here at all. That said (and I was right yet again), Zimmerman should Not be allowed to just walk. Why? because as I’ve also blogged earlier, the FACT that he was told by the 911 Operator to “wait and let the police handle it”, but chose Not to, put HImself in the position of being responsible for this young man’s death. Not wholly responsible (hence the ‘reckless endangerment” or manslaughter with the least amount of jail time). Martin also shares the blame for his own death as it is becoming apparent that he DID first attack Zimmerman-he was on top of him, bashing his head against the cement. Now I don’t know about the many who blog here (for Trayvon), but let’s be honest-place yourself where Zimmerman was, if someone was consistently pounding your head, you would use any weapon available. In this case, Zimmerman had the weapon but it could have just as easily been the other way around. Zimmerman definitely showed very poor judgment when he did not follow instructions and this tragedy was the result. And please I don’t want to hear any more blame on the “stand by your ground” as Zimmerman DIDN’T DO THAT BECAUSE HE PURSUED THE VICTIM. This wasn’t done on his property or in his home. The area in which one lives does NOT constitute “stand your ground” unless SELF DEFENSE was the reason. Again, Zimmerman at the point that he called 911, he was NOT in danger. He PLACED HIMSELF IN THIS DANGER MODE WHEN HE CHOSE TO GIVE CHASE. I’ve no doubt that he is truly sorry and perhaps when the screaming and name calling dies down, this will be heard.

      10. P-E-Z says:

        He was arrested but he was not convicted. He and ex girlfriend had mutual civil protective orders no one was arrested. He is not felon.

      11. nchell says:

        Let’s hope it’s murder!!

      12. nchell says:

        Josie,so your’re saying that when Zimmermnan confronted Trayvon,he didn’t have the right to protect himself too?? Wrong he had every right!! And about Trayvon being on top only means that at some point Trayvon was handiing him his ass.But I want to know is what happened to all of the blood? There was NO, I repeat NO sign of injury to Zimmerman like he has claimed. HE LIES!!

    2. Pamela says:

      I live in California, a state where there are many medical marijuana dispensaries, and for you to say Trayvon “was caught with pot” as if that is an indication of bad character, well that is so stupid of you. The Florida laws for marijuana may be imbecilic and Medieval but possession does not mean a person is violent.

      1. Miguelangel says:

        Pamela, you don’t have to like it but here in Florida, dealing drugs, including pot, is illegal. Just because you guys in California have the most ridiculous laws of the entire union doesnt mean its how it should be everywhere else.

      2. Charlieb1488 says:

        So are you implying that Trayvon has a medical condition?

  4. Max17 says:

    “Corey said police did file a capias (a request that charges be filed) with the State Attorney’s Office.”

    It does not matter what the police did or did not do. What matters is some of the police are white and race baiters like ‘reverend’ jokeson and tawana brawley sharpton smell a pay day.

    1. nchell says:

      If it walks like a duck and sound like a duck…guess what??

  5. TomA says:

    I was under the impression he was “gunned down” while beating Zimmerman’s head against the ground, not while “walking through” anything.

    1. Cindy says:

      We don’t know that. All we have is Zimmermans word for that.

      1. WhatAreYouKiddingMe says:

        I guess he also had time to break his own nose, rub his back around on the grass, and smash his own head into the ground? Wow. Zimmerman really covered his prints didn’t he?

      2. Jim says:

        There was an eye witness.

      3. hackmaster says:

        Well, Zimmerman’s word and the bloody gashes on the back of his head… and the witness who saw Martin on top of Zimmerman prior to the shooting… and a recording of Zimmerman yelling for help. Yeah, that’s pretty much nothing at all.

      4. Jason says:

        Zimmermans word and a witness and the evedence, but never mind all that…Right?

      5. Sandy says:

        Wrong Cindy, there is a witness that stated the guy in the red jacket (Zimmerman) was on the ground being beaten by the guy in the hoody. Last news on the witness was just a first name “John”. And just you realize something else, take a good look at this so called innocent kid, the latest photos not the ones when he was twelve years old.

      6. Big_Mike says:

        No, there were TWO eyewtinesses who saw Zimmerman on the ground calling for help. The others who were interviewed(especially the stupid woman Mary Cutcher who came forward) didn’t see anything. They heard the commotion but didn’t look out their window until after the gunshot.

        Mary Cutcher said she KNEW the voice calling for help was Martin, but it’s impossible for her to know that—-because she’d never heard his voice before. Kind of shoots her whole story down. Well, that and her saying there was no fight. It’s obvious there was a fight, since Zimmerman had injuries.

      7. nchell says:

        Yeah,and we all know how that’s going.

  6. Ron says:

    Gunned down? Whoever reported this fabrication totally omitted the FACTS, martin ASSAULTED Zimmerman broke his nose and split the back of his head open. I would hardly call that gunned down while walking thru a gated community.

    1. Jimbo says:

      Sir, fabrications are part of the MSM marching orders.

    2. Cindy says:

      We don’t know that either. OnceAgain just Zimmerman and his lawyers word for that.We need to wait for the trial.No chance there won’t be one.

      1. james pog says:

        That, and the 911 call stating that they are witnessing someone on the ground, being beaten by someone on top of him, as well as other witness’.
        BUt, just ignore facts….

    3. nchell says:

      Just like you are doing. NO injuries,not him screaming for help like he claimed.Why would he need to scream,he’s the one with the gun?? The kid was unarmed,any idiot knows that zimmerman had the upper hand.But he will be arrested.

      1. KC says:

        NO INJURIES???? So explain why the cop checks the back of Zimmermans head in the police video.

  7. Steven H Ahle says:

    Don’t forget the 6 eye witnesses

    1. Gizelle says:

      I may have missed something but as I understand it there was only one person who actually witnessed the altercation on the ground and heard the shot while entering his house. The others were inside, behind curtains with no direct line of sight and telling the operators of 911 that they could hear someone calling for help and then a shot; that is not actually witnessing what happened.

      1. Gizelle says:

        Oops I meant “eye” witnessing

    2. Big_Mike says:

      There were two EYEwitnesses. Their stories match Zimmerman’s. The 6 others only heard the commotion. Not really the same.

      1. nchell says:

        The same way that his “good friend” Joe Oliver,his neighbor, Howard Taaffe,his father,brother,Chief of police,and the first officer on the scene, stories all matched Zimmerman’s version of the story? I guess it would match if you’re spoon fed what to say.

  8. squidvetohio says:

    I hate when people get “gunned down” when they are trying to beat someone to death. A man can’t beat someone to death anymore without the fear of getting shot. What kind of world do we live in?

    -Sarcasm heavily implied

    1. 31337 says:

      I know when I am trying to beat somebody to death I make sure they don’t have a gun because I don’t want to get shot. -more of this SARCASM stuff.

      1. Gizelle says:

        Right, and when we give out an address for the bounty hunters who cares if it’s just some old couple unrelated to the “shooter” we got to have our lynching.

  9. gnac says:

    Martin, 17, was gunned down February 26th while walking in a gated Sanford community by self-appointed Neighborhood Watch captain Zimmerman who claimed he shot the teen in self-defense.

    I thought the eye-witness said he shot the kid while the kid was on top of him – not while the kid was walking. Which is it?

    1. steamboat says:

      More lame stream liberal media reporting.

  10. ObamaIsGodAwful says:

    It is now clear Mr. Zimmerman’s civil rights were violated by Trayvon when Trayvon attacked Mr. Zimmerman in a ha te crime simply because Mr. Zimmerman looked Hispanic. Then the Trayvon culturalists, also holding animosities for Hispanics, violated Mr. Zimmerman’s rights with ha te crimes by soliciting the kidnap and mu rder of Zimmerman.

    We need justice for Zimmerman. Hispanics obviously won’t get justice with Obama and Holder in power.

  11. Roy Galutia says:

    Lets not let the facts be driven by the racial issue ….Let the Law enforcement do what they need to do…IF Zimmerman is somehow charged in this …His Life won’t be worth a pluged nickel in Jail …thanks to all the Race baiters

  12. Aj says:

    Odd that Zimmerman, who followed Martin, can use the “stand your ground” law but Martin, who was being followed, can’t.

    1. MorganGray says:

      That’s because AJ, that Zimmerman turned away from Martin, and returned to his SUV. Martin followed. Zimmerman was then confronted by a 6’3″ teen with a self-admitted history of violence, and apparently a chip on his shoulder.
      “Stand your ground” does not apply once the threat has ended. Martin was no longer standing his ground once he followed Zimmerman back to his vehicle and initiated the assault.
      I don’t give a rat’s rear what race you are. If you lay hands on me. I’m going to defend myself in whatever manner is available and appropriate.
      Banging a man’s head into a concrete sidewalk is in any reasonable person’s understanding a potentially fatal act. Thus, lethal force is permissible.
      Me? I’d have defended myself.
      Had I been on the scene, I’d have defended Zimmerman.
      Now… use your psychic powers to determine what race I am and label me either a bigot or a Tom.

      1. David84 says:

        Good reply. How else did Trayvon get back to Zimmerman’s pickup from where Zimmerman started following him, other than follow him back to his truck. Why did Trayvon not continue to his father’s fiance’s house and call the police from there if he felt threatened?

        First question, though: Who let Trayvon through the gate? It’s a gated community, right? Did the father’s fiance give him the key codes? Did he jump the fence? Isn’t the resident who is to receive visitors supposed to be called when a visitor wants entry into a gated community but doesn’t have the key code? What is the time lapsed between Trayvon’s enetring the security keycode (if that’s how he got entry) and Zimmerman’s 911 call? Is the neighborhood watch person supposed to be contacted when strangers are let into the gate, for the visitor’s own protection?

        Are there any real news reporters still alive?

      2. mrbond107 says:

        Your statement is flawed. By that same logic Zimmerman should have stayed put and not followed the Hooded suspect even after being explicitly told by the 911 dispatcher. So here we have an unknown person A in a vehicle following another unknown person B who is walking. Person A is suspicious of person B, and very soon person B become suspicious of person A. Person A stops and person B walk over to him asking why is he following him. That is a legitimate request in my opinion. Why Zimmerman could not handle the situation inspite of being trained to do so in a the CHL class is the question ? If Travis Martin was inside Zimmerman’s home this shooting was legal, but Martin was nowhere near Zimmerman’s home and posed no threat to him.

      3. Big_Mike says:

        And furthermore, even IF Zimmerman had managed to chase down Martin(highly unlikely) and confronted him, this is still a self-defense case. Why?

        Because once Trayvon Martin had put Zimmerman on the ground , he jumped on top of him and started beating him. He beat a man who was no longer a threat to him, simply to dole out punishment. You cannot do that. That’s not what self-defense IS. Trayvon Martin, in doing so, transitioned into being the aggressor NO MATTER WHAT LED UP TO THE FIGHT. When Martin took it upon himself to do that, Zimmerman was allowed to use deadly force.

        It doesn’t matter if Zimmerman had been wearing a Klan robe and calling Martin every slur in the book, Martin didn’t have the right to execute someone after they were no longer a threat. Repeatedly hitting someone in the head is attempted murder.

        I would have defended Zimmerman too.

      4. nchell says:

        Don’t matter what race you are,you are a complete moron if you really believe it happened this way.But time will tell.

    2. steamboat says:

      Odd that you didn’t take a couple of minutes to listen or read the dispatch call, before posting an irrelevant thought.

      1. josie abbott says:

        Only you find it irrelevant, as you can’t comprehend articulate questions, let alone pertinent ones. I doubt you don’t the meaning of “comprehend” or “pertinent”

    3. Gizelle says:

      Aj, the known facts have been so well reported multiple times so either you are commenting after reading one or two Jackson/Sharpton headlines or you are, like them, turning a deaf ear to the reported facts supported by an eye witness. Zimmerman never claimed “stand your ground” he claimed self defense, Martin was shot in the chest not the back. Zimmerman took no action while following Martin except to call the police who told him not to follow so he stopped and if you listen to the tape you will hear that not only did Zimmerman stop following but lost sight of Martin, who it turns out, was now following Zimmerman and presumably took him (Zimmerman) unawares. While this is a very sad ending to a young life the facts can’t be what you, Jackson, Sharpton, the Black Panthers et al say they are.

  13. Max17 says:

    Looking at the comments section, I’m pleased to see your agenda driven pseudo-journalism is not working.


  14. Bobit says:

    Amazing how the black community refuses to address the fact that this punk treyvon was a criminal with an extensive background on criminal activity.

    Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good lynching.

  15. biz marque says:

    i thought zimmerman was a white hispanic. never heard of that description before. Must be necessary because he is not white but hispanic.

    1. The Bruce says:

      The MSM invented the term “white hispanic” to keep the narrative that he’s white (even though he isn’t) and that the victim’s black.

      The MSM never let facts get in the way of their preconceived narrative, so this is nothing new. Remember the Duke LaCrosse incident.

      The MSM doesn’t care about black on black or black on white crime, but give them a story about white on black crime and they turn into a bunch of lathering fools.

      And when they find out he isn’t white but hispanic, they invent a new term, white-hispanic.


  16. Thomas says:

    The first sentence of the article is not correct. Because the police request manslaughter charges does not mean there is enough evidence. This is why the request to the prosecutor is made. The statement of the police chief is not in contradiction to the request of the police department. However, even though the author’s statement is incorrect, doesn’t mean there is not enough evidence. it’s just the statements of the police chief are not contradictory.

  17. Phillep Harding says:

    Nice unbiased article (/sarc). Martin WAS NOT GUNNED DOWN!

    “If it bleeds it leads” so you want to start a riot so you have more to write about?

  18. MeatHead says:

    This is all a bunch of race baiting gibberish!!! Move on people….let the system work it out then when Zimmerman is found not guilty you can riot for a week and destroy all of your nieghborhoods. Once you settle down we can get back to watching nonesense news again about Lindsy Lohan and Justin bieber…

    1. RANDRAND says:


  19. Guest says:

    I blame the media.

    This happened over a month ago.

    The media then reported a few hand picked sensational tidbits. Then more of the facts have gradually come out over a period of days. The full account has still not been made public.

    If this was “breaking news”, one might expect that. But, if this happened a month ago, why could the story not have been given at least cursory research before being publicized?

    If any “vigilante justice” occurs, the victims can join the poor elderly couple who had to flee their home in the mother of all lawsuits.

  20. Steve says:

    Can cops collect the bounty?

  21. LiberalLoser says:

    I think it is clear from this case that there is a significant problem in the Black Community in this country. You have a 73% out-of-wedlock birth rate, 98% of all deaths in the black community are committed by other blacks, you have a group of dying civil rights “leaders” (Wright, Jackson, Rush, Sharpton, Holder, Watts, Sheila Lee Jackson, etc., etc. etc.) that do not want to be honest with their constituents like Bill Cosby was. Black America sees the great economic progress of hispanic, indian and asian americans and are really upset. The reason for these problems are partially highlighted above AND more importantly they have predominantly rejected education as a way to a better life. Originally, it was called cultural disenfranchisement. However, since the Hispanic, Indian and Asian immigrants have embraced education without calling it a cultural issue, the new term is “lack of proper funding”. It is time for black america to reject their dying civil rights leaders and the white left wing losers that have conned them into thinking they can take care of them.

  22. Joe says:

    Eveyone here who is defending Zimmerman should look into their hearts and ask themselves why he deserves to be defended. You have a kid who was walking home from the store, wasn’t doing anything illegal, wasn’t on drugs (he was tested) just minding his business. Listen to the audio tape, of a panting Zimmeran and a police dispatcher asking him not to follow him. You have 28 year old man with a gun on a side holster following a 17 year old boy who weighs 100 pounds less. Put yourselfs in his shoes. Who would you think attacked who? And in the end you have a 17 year old boy who hasn’t even started his life dead. What makes this anything but a tragedy for the young man? If you can look into your heart and still feel no sympathy for him. Ask yourserlf why?

    1. Miguelangel says:

      It may be a tragedy but had Martin not returned to attack and confrong Zimmerman, he’d still be alive to burglarize another place, deal some more drugs, tag some more graffitti and swing on another bus driver. He’s dead, all fault of his own.

  23. JR says:

    Who’s the genius that wrote this piece?

    If the charge requested was for Man Slaughter, then it is accurate that ” there was not enough evidence” for the charge of murder”

    By the way, if no “Murder” charges have been brought, how is it that you begin your article by categorizing this as a “murder”?

    The news media in America has reached a very sad state.

    1. steamboat says:

      You’re Right On ! The liberal media doesn’t actually report facts anymore, they just spin the story to fit their viewpoint.

  24. CBS Liberal Fools says:

    Six witnesses corroborated Zimmerman’s story.

    CBS Miami Must Be Destroyed.

  25. NOZZLE says:

    Why not use the picture of Treebon with his grill you know, the picture he used on his twitte account no limiit nog

  26. Yirmin Snipe says:

    Clearly the police chief is an idiot, the case isn’t about the stand your ground law it is a question of self defense and whether Zimmerman feared for his life at the time of the shooting. Stand your ground would have only applied if he shot before he was attacked by Trayvon, but as soon as Trayvon broke his nose and started pounding him on the ground it went to a matter of self defense.

  27. Norton Burgess says:

    Nice unbiased reporting. Well done.


  28. S Thyyng says:

    I for one would like to know how TM appened to be in this ‘gated community’ – how did he get into it? Did he have a pass card provided by his father, or his father’s girlfriend and were either of them or both of them residents within the gated community?

  29. Bud says:

    Gunned downed by a white hispanic while returning from a candy store in a gated community. Makes perfect sense to me.

  30. Steve O says:

    The truth must and will be found out by investigators, and the guilty punished to the full extent of the law. But until then, shame on the has-been race-baiters like Jesse Jackson and Sharpton using this case to inflame racial hatred.

    I’m really tired of the press using a deliberately-deceptive picture like the one here, of the victim when he was about 12. He was a 17 year-old football player, six inches taller than Zimmerman.

    How disgusting is Spike Lee and others who’ve openly encouraged the lynching of Zimmerman before he even has a chance to give his side of the story! An innocent elderly couple now find their lives in danger since Lee erroneously tweeted their address as Zimmerman’s.

    This case has brought out all the bottom feeders who profit and gain personal power from race hatred, giving the impression white people are routinely wandering around gunning down angelic black children at random. THIS is racism, folks.

    No question Zimmerman was wrong to carry a loaded gun, even if it was legal, and wrong to follow Martin after the police told him to stop. But the rest of the story will not be known till all the facts come out.

  31. Frank Davis says:

    He was gunned down?” Oh please, how baiting can you get. He was shot while on top of the victim after breaking his nose and continually slamming his head into the pavement. How racist of Zimmerman not to just lie there and die.

  32. The Bruce says:

    “Martin, 17, was gunned down February 26th while…”

    You call this reporting? To say he was “gunned down” is to imply that Zimmerman ran the kid down and shot him.

    Zimmerman shot the kid while on his and on the receiving end of a beating (by the kid).

    BIAS reporting is bad enough, but you’re outright making things up.

  33. Jakartaman says:

    Zimmerman should get an award from the city and police for stopping a thug – doing their job and getting beat up for his heroic efforts

  34. Bobit says:

    He was already doing robberies and a drug user. It was only a matter of time before HE killed someone.

  35. Carmine Fragione says:

    The police cannot choose to disbelieve the statement of the shooter, without evidence that supports the disbelief. The rule of what a logical person would do, if calling police and being suddenly attacked by a suspect, even if the suspect is making an error out of ignorant fear of what preceded being followed. If the suspect is completely innocent, but decides out of fear to turn on the watchman, and everything goes catastrophic, and the watchman finally ends up being threatened, and uses deadly force. the police then have no right to summarily say they don’t believe the statement. The police cannot charge unless they have direct evidence that the shooting is actually criminal in intent or effect. That is why there is a Grand Jury system.

  36. Doug says:

    “Martin, 17, was gunned down February 26th while walking in a gated Sanford community by self-appointed Neighborhood Watch captain Zimmerman who claimed he shot the teen in self-defense.”

    Who wrote this “news” story, the Black Panthers?

    1. Ron says:

      Dave, the self anointed judge jury and executioner

  37. The Bruce says:

    And why is this “News Agency” referring to this incident as a MURDER!?!?!?!?!

  38. Frank says:

    This is a non-story. It’s not uncommon to file for an arrest warrant as the investigation gets under way if there is prior expectation that a specific individual may be arrested. It’s also not indicative of anything untoward when the subsequent investigation results in the conclusion that an arrest is not warranted.
    The only question is whether this ‘journalist’ just didn’t bother to do 10 minutes of research to figure this out, or if she knows this full well and is intentionally publishing a misleading story with the intention of furthering a narrative and fanning the flames. Either way, it’s highly irresponsible ‘journalism’.

  39. Alfred Sharpton says:

    I will not stand by and let the white devil make a mockary of my moccassins!

    1. trina freeman says:

      Mr Sharpton could I ask you to take a bm in my house so I can do some wafting and sniffing?

  40. tedwest says:

    “in the murder of ???” That’s yet to be determined in a court of law, not by a stinking newswriter.

  41. 99%'er says:

    I would appreciate it if you would all stop watching this story and focus on OWS for a moment. We still need to bring down the big banks and tax the wealthy otherwise I am going to run out of drugs and snacks and tents.

  42. Rerelease says:

    Three people were gunned down in Durham NC on Friday. ,thet were
    White at JTTire Store,one dead so far.who did it?3black sharp ton Jackson or Obama iis heard from.why is this fla incident different.

  43. Steve says:

    Zimmerman also killed Kennedy.

    1. WMC says:

      No No No. It was Dr. King he shot down.

  44. Real American says:

    now that the facts are out about the gangsta and the citizen defending himself………….its all about damage control by the professional victims

    nice try………………….maybe next time

    move along, nothing to see here

  45. Joseppe says:

    Seems to me if a murder had been committed and the shooter turns himself in he would be detained and prosecuted. To the unknowing (reporter)who want to portray this as a murder they apparently deem themselves all knowing

  46. Steve says:


    Good for you CBS! Don’t let the facts get in the way.

  47. Truth says:

    and how about those trayvon wannabes rioting and robbing the stores over the last couple of days

    looks like zimmerman has got more work to do

  48. HeyHey says:

    Zimmerman clearly broke his nose and slammed the back of his head into the ground over and over again to cover up his crime. OR the police did it for him to help cover up.

    1. Max17 says:

      I think Zimmerman attacked poor little Tray-Tray using his head as a weapon. Only when Zimmerman realized he had a serious contusion and broken nose but left not a mark on poor little Tray-Tray did he pull his gun and shoot.

  49. biskitts says:

    It just seems that Zimmerman has already been tried in the court of public opinion thanks to clearly biased reports like this one–“gunned down while walking through a gated community”? Are the mainstream media outlets, like this one here, going to continue to ignore the fact that Martin was ontop of Zimmerman, punching him in the face and slamming his head into the ground prior to being shot? Even though it’s in the police report?

    I’m fearing another Rodney King reaction riot if Zimmerman isn’t brought to trial or if he is brought to trial isn’t found guilty. Thanks in no small part to a complicit media, inciting the populace with innacurate reporting.

  50. Dogbert says:

    How come I never saw the favorite reporter word “alleged” once in this fabricated story?

    And why do they always use the phrase “self-appointed”? Sounds like a focus group phrase given out to the MSM from their handlers in the White House.

  51. James says:

    Martin, 17, was gunned down February 26th while walking in a gated Sanford community by self-appointed Neighborhood Watch captain Zimmerman who claimed he shot the teen in self-defense.
    Nice touch. I see what you did there. So much for reporting the unvarnished facts, I guess.

  52. RotalSnart says:

    CBS is repulsive. They are a propaganda arm for Obama and the DNC

  53. Crew Jobs says:

    The person who brought race into the issue in the first place is President Barack Obama. “If I had a son he would look like Trayvon”.

  54. Enough Lies says:

    …and then search “doctored photo”.

  55. Earnest T. Bass says:

    Live like a thug, die like a thug

  56. Mike Magnus says:

    It’s pathetic how poorly this case has been reported by the media…
    “Shot while walking…” WRONG. Shot while attacking Zimmerman after following him back to his car.
    “Bill Lee cited the state’s “Stand Your Ground” law and stated publicly there was no probable cause to arrest Zimmerman based on the statute. This sparked outrage and cries for justice across the nation.” REALLY? Is that what caused the outrage? Or what it the false reports that the police let the killer walk home. Or maybe it was the false reports that Zimmerman chased down Martin. Or perhaps the completely false, racially charged, reporting that got every major detail of this story completely wrong… No that had nothing to do with the outrage…

    1. Earnest T. Bass says:

      The race pimps are milking this for all its worth. If this was a black on black crime, they would be pimping some other case. Can anyone say “Duke Lacrosse”?

  57. Raw says:

    OH I hope this blows up in the faces of ALL the liberals, ALL the race baiters, and ALL the MSM. Oh please give us some sanity! I agree, Zimmerman should have been investigated and possibly charged on manslaughter. He seemed to be the aggressor. If I was being followed and/or confronted my reaction is not to call the police because I’m more than capable of handling my own.

  58. Charles says:

    I think it’s across-the-‘board unanimous that the media, especially this affiliated media ‘board site, has done nothing but fan the flames of discontent on this issue since its arrival.

    There have been shootings and robberies in Miami Gardens, NW Miami, and even Oakland Park since this unfortunate incident that have flown remarkably under the RADAR.

  59. RANDRAND says:


    1. RANDRAND says:

      It smells like somebody coated my teeth with dog mess

  60. KC says:

    GZ needs to sue this paper for false allegations as TM WAS NOT GUNNED DOWN. No wonder there’s no reporters name on this article, what a race baiting piece of dog dung. NBC cuts the video together to make it seem racially motivated and CBS is no better. Ohh that’s right FACTS AND WITNESS’S THAT BACK UP GZ’s STORY DON’T MATTER.

  61. Otis says:

    This writer can have his own opinion but NOT his own facts. Gunned down? Gangland style, jumped from his SUV and ran up and shot him dead gangland style? Pahleez…..

  62. George says:

    I think that one thing is patently obvious: Before this is all said and done, there will be multiple lawsuits against TeamTrayvon.

    The amount of disinformation, slander and outright lies surrounding this case is astounding.

  63. whythemlord says:

    who shot and killed Martin