MIAMI LAKES (CBS4) – Students throughout South Florida continue to show their protest in the Trayvon Martin case. CBS4 caught up with a small, but vocal group of high school students from the Miami Lakes Educational Center.

About 60 students from the school at 5780 N.W. 158th Street mobilized after school let out for the day and marched north on Northwest 57th Avenue and then west to Joella Park on Northwest 183rd Street at 67th Avenue.

They chanted “Justice for Trayvon” as they marched along Northwest 57th Avenue, carrying signs and accompanied by two Miami-Dade Police cars, whose officers were looking out for their safety.

Leading the group, 12th grader Zaquan Jones told CBS4’s Peter D’Oench, “We will not rest until George Zimmerman is arrested. We don’t want Trayvon to have died in vain.”

The protesters told CBS4 that they were outraged by the death of the 17-year-old Martin of Miami Gardens. Martin was reportedly shot and killed by neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman on February 26th.

Zimmerman claimed self-defense, but a 911 operator told Zimmerman to back off Martin when Zimmerman called 911 about seeing Martin in his complex in Sanford.

Hope Wilcox and Zakeya Bowens helped organized the march in Miami Lakes.

“We feel that there are some issues that needed attention,” said Wilcox. “We are here so that justice will be served. We wouldn’t want that to happen to anybody in the Miami-Dade school district, that they be treated like that for the way they looked.”

Wilcox was refererring to Martin wearing a hoodie.

She said the protest would continue Tuesday at Miami Lakes Educational Center, where some students would wear black shirts and hoodies.

She also said they would continue reaching out to more people by “social networking” through Twitter and Facebook. She said they would try to get more people to add their signatures to the growing on-line petition in the Martin case.

Shortly after that group left Joella Park, another group of about 35 students showed up from different Miami-Dade high schools, expressing the same sentiments in the Martin case.

The Miami Lakes protest was mirrored by another demonstration at Coral Reef Senior High School when students walked out and lined up in protest during their lunchtime break.

Comments (6)
  1. HiTOP says:

    ya wanna look, act and dress like a thug…then be prepared to be treated like one …

    pull your pants up and get a job…

    1. Robert Lee says:

      Is this how you all respond to your head banging, trailer trash, cocaine using, biker friends?? Get a grip people, no race or nobody for that matter is perfect! Maybe if you were Trayvon Martin, then we wouldn’t be subjected to your foolery; you’d be DEAD!

  2. poorwhiteboy says:

    Trayvon-DEAD pot smoking THUG

  3. R. WILLIAMS says:


    1. S. says:

      Obviously you can’t read because it clearly says we did this AFTER SCHOOL and not one person looks like a thug. Because we are black we’re thugs? Really???? If it was your child you would want someone to stand up for what is right. So how about you THINK ABOUT IT!!!!!

  4. Outraged Jaguar says:

    4 out of the 5 comments posted about refer not only to this poor young man as a thug, but also to the students that are continuously protesting and exercising their FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS against this atrocity. If you’re going to trash talk the deceased, that’s on you, but it if you’re going to trash students who are EDUCATED ENOUGH to voice their concerns PEACEFULLY without breaking any laws, then that’s just plain IGNORANT. I come from the school which organized this demonstration and I can say that these students are at top of the line, head of their Student Government and most headed off to wonderful and prestigious schools YOU YOURSELF could probably never be admitted in to. So please, if you’re going to submit a comment about how, “all these kids are thugs…learn how to dress…etc,” have the DECENCY to check your facts and stop being ignorant. NOBODY DESERVES TO DIE BECAUSE OF A BLACK HOODIE OR BLACK SKIN!

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