WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (CBSMiami) – John Goodman is the millionaire founder of the Polo Club in Wellington, and the man accused in the drunk driving wreck that left 23 year old Scott Wilson dead.

Prosecutors say he had been drinking at a charity fund raiser before the crash.  Animation planed in court shows the collision pushed Wilson’s car into a canal where he drowned.  Now prosecutors are coming out with a new revelation – they say Goodman had more than just alcohol in his system.

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“We were just made aware of this today when we were searching through the medical records,” said Prosecutor Ellen Roberts.   “Just made aware of what?” asked the judge.   “That he had taken the hydrocodone dose the morning of the crash. “

The defense is trying to show that Goodman was not drunk at the time of the crash.   They say his pricey Bentley malfunctioned.

“Well known polo player and friend of Goodman’s, Ignacio Figueras took the stand.  He was a celebrity bartender at the charity event the night of the crash back in February of 2010.  He said he never served Goodman a drink or saw him with alcohol.

“Did you smell any alcohol, alcoholic beverages coming off of him?” asked the defense attorney.

“ No,” said  Figureas.

“Did Goodman sound like he had slurred speech?” the attorney asked.

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“No.  Not at all,” said Figueras.

Prosecutors tried to show the witness and Goodman were friends and in business together.

“Was he paying you play on his team?” asked Roberts.

“Yes,” said Figueras.

“And how much was he paying you?” the attorney asked.

“$120,000,” he said.

Goodman’s attorneys will try to prove that the millionaire drank after the crash. Also that, despite a head injury, he stumbled down the road to a trailer to call for help, because his cell phone was dead.

At some point, they say he went to this polo barn to a friend’s office, known as “the man cave”, where he had a few drinks before meeting with police.  When his blood alcohol was checked hours after the crash, he was twice the legal limit.

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Goodman’s defense is expected to last up to three days.  The case could go to the jury by mid next week.

Ted Scouten