MIRAMAR (CBSMiami) – Art almost imitated life after postings on Twitter and YouTube invited teens to a “Project X Party 2” in Miramar.

The only problem was the teens throwing the party didn’t live in the home which was in foreclosure.

According to police, 18-year old Christopher Dade and at least one other teen broke into the home in the 2100 block of SW 166th Avenue and did a little ‘redecorating’ of their own.

“This is an area where people were to take bats and break glass like the Project X movie,” said real estate broker Eric Nathanson as he gave CBS4’s Peter D’Oench a tour of the home. “Then there’s the smoke house, just like the movie, the Project X movie, then they went down to the Master bedroom.”

After spraying graffiti on the walls and generally trashing the place, Dade made a video in which he toured the house, asking people what they wanted to see and then inviting everyone to come and party.

“Something insane, surprised to you lovely people for showing up,” Dade says in the YouTube video. “So send us in anything, anything you wanna see us do.”

In the video you hear a teen say “Project X. Yeah!” referring to a current movie in which three high school teens throw a massive birthday party to make a name for themselves. As the night goes, however, things spin wildly out of control.

The party in Miramar never got off the ground. On Sunday neighbors got suspicious and called the cops. When police learned of the party they went to the house on Monday and arrested Dade who was charged with burglary. Unfortunately word of his arrest didn’t spread as fast as his YouTube video did and police turned away hundreds of kids who showed up later in the day and night to party.

“There could have been in excess of 2,000 kids showing up at the party,” said Miramar Detective Yessenia Diaz. “They were hearing about this on YouTube. They were texting. There was even a Craigs List posting about this.”

Police estimate Dade and company caused nearly $20,000 in damages in the home.

“I’m disgusted. I found out the gentleman is 18 years old. This is a gorgeous community. I can’t believe this could happen in an area like this,” said Nathanson.

“We are actually the victims in this case,” said Nathanson, who works for Trans Global Realty. “We own the house and the damage is not insured. But now that we know who is charged, we know how to try to recover the money. We also hope the clean-up process soon to put this house back on the market.”

He said the home that’s in the Silver Shores West community was on the market for about $350,000.

“I recognize kids can go wild sometimes but this is over the edge,” said Helen Kosak who lives near the home.

“It doesn’t look like fun time, it looks more like trouble than fun,” said her neighbor Amanda Ferrer.

“I think it’s crazy. It puts the neighborhood in danger,” Gabriel Goncalves chimed in.

Detective Diaz said that Dade confessed. Police are still looking for his cohorts.

Diaz said one of them is seen on the YouTube video. “He’s possibly between 16 and 20 years old. We would really need the public’s assistance.”

Anyone with information is asked to call Miramar Police or Broward Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS.

Peter D'Oench

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  1. ConcernedCitizen says:

    I believe that Mr Dade, should be made to pay for the damages, maybe even his parents. On top of that, maybe some community service by aiding in the rehab of the dwelling. $20,000 and some community service, may just teach him something, instead of going to jail. I do believe mom and dad should be part of the community service and aid their son with repayment, If we made more parents accountable for their childrens actions, maybe they would pay more attention. Of course if he is out on his own, then mom and dad are off the hook. Bet they would throw him out quick if that was fact.

    1. jk says:

      Dade is 18, his parents are no longer legally responsible for him in anyway.

  2. tincup says:


  3. aurora1 says:

    Projkt X a Worldwide Explanation Mark known to some– Where a group, person or party has used a license they had not earned (of anothers identitytheft) to build, operate, or conduct ANY business, in this case foreclose on property which is not theirs to use credentials on in order to make it theirs or transfer to an associate in their inner circle. Even the pulling permits to repair are flogging under Secured Layers and the Insult to Teens Futures is torturing them, as it does everyone else who knows the Account software ‘acceptions occurring at banks’ which allow funds to be misappropriated and deposited into WRONG accounts other than where Investments were Capitalized from. Transfers cause multipliers of 1 to turn into a 0, and Investors Lose EVERYTHING on a daily basis. Mergers and Acquisitions is NOT a funny game of Tic TAC Toe and has been played too many years