MIAMI (CBS4) – It’s a big day for our favorite girls in green with their striking vests and, of course, delicious cookies.

On Monday the Girl Scouts of America, an organization formed to empower and provide support to young girls, celebrated its 100th anniversary. To mark the occasion, the Freedom Tower will be bathed in green Monday evening at sundown.

“They work together as a team and they develop friendships that last a life time,” said Maria Tejera, CEO of the Girl Scouts of South Florida.

“We do activities, we go outside, we go to the playground,” said girl scout Matilda Garcia. “They increased my grades when I was little, I used to get a lot of bad grades.”

The organization was founded by Juliette Gordon Low on March 12th 1912 with its first troop of 18 girls in Savannah, Georgia. There are now about three million Girl Scouts across the nation.

“The majority of women in Congress are women who grew up in girl scouts,” Tejera said.

Other celebs who proudly wore the scout’s traditional green vests are Lucille Ball, Katie Couric and Dakota Fanning. To mark their centennial, the Girl Scouts introduced a new cookie this year, Savannah Smiles, to give a nod to the city where they began.