KEY BISCAYNE (CBS4) – MAST Academy on Key Biscayne is propelling their students education and giving them the controls to the future.

More than 500 students at the school this week had a change to drive ROV’s, or Remotely Operated Vehicles. It gives students the chance to head outside and use the high tech machines used to explore what is right in their backyard; the Atlantic Ocean.

“I get to go home and tell my mom I drove a sub today,” said student David Escudero.

Teachers like the activity, because it keeps kids engaged in learning something new.

“When you begin by reading books day after day you begin to lose interest” said student Joseph Naives.

The OceanGate Foundation conducted the demonstration. Their instructors travel the country showing off the marine machines in hopes of getting the youth interested in a future under water.

“They’re starting to focus on math and sciences which is perfect for starting to recruit for piloting,” said Shilpi Chhotray.