OPA-LOCKA (CBSMiami) – There was a takedown on the tarmac at Opa-Locka Airport early Monday morning that resulted with one man in the custody of federal agents but nobody has revealed who that man is or why he was a wanted man.

The takedown took place behind the Orion Jet Center building just off the runway at Opa-Locka Airport.

Miami-Dade Police, along with Opa-Locka Police, assisted a Federal Fugitive Task Force from the Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) take custody of a man around 7:00 a.m. Video from Chopper 4 captured a white car approaching a plane en route to Venezuela.

The video shows authorities stopping the vehicle. They removed a man from inside the car, handcuffed him, and took him away.

ICE authorities told CBS4 News that man was detained but not arrested.

It’s still not known why ICE was targeting the white car or who was inside.

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  1. clo56 says:

    It was Greg Cote trying to get away from the Columbian and Mexican cartels

  2. Hugh J. says:

    Inform your writers that Opa-locka does not have a capital “L” in the name. Spell it correctly, it’s the proper name of a city and an airport.

    1. clo56 says:

      Wow Hugh!! That is one hell of an observation!! If it wasnt for idio–errr folks like you, where would we as a society be?