MIAMI (CBS4) – Do you think you have a bad commute?  You do. One study says the Miami area has the fourth worst commute in the country, about twenty seven minutes each way every day.

But that’s peanuts to people who have now been christened as super-commuters.

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They are people who are traveling enormous distances to work, and their number is exploding, according to a new New York University study.

Some super-commute long distances weekly, taking planes on Mondays to work and heading home Fridays, not able to move their families because of real estate prices and because companies have become far less generous with relocation allowances.

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Others super-commute daily, with round trips of more than two hundred miles, in many cases to take advantage of higher salaries in one place and lower housing costs in another.

The number of super-commuters in just the ten large metropolitan areas studied doubled in less than a decade to more than one-point-one million.

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Having super-commuted twice in my life, for months each time, I can tell you it is brutal on super-commuters and their families.  Let’s hope this is a trend that ends soon.