Tuesday, February 28 at 11 PM on CBS4 News — It’s normal for people to sweat here in the tropics of South Florida. But those afflicted with a medical condition that makes them sweat excessively, may now have a permanent cure. CBS4’s Rhiannon Ally reports.

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  1. tim3500 says:

    So where is the article? I had this condition when I was young and its called hyperhirosis . They cut my sweat glands out from under my arms. The sweat used to drip in 30 degree weather. I dont sweat anymore ,but it was a bigger surgery than I thought. My feet still sweat though.stinky.

    1. cbs4price says:

      Hi Tim, the story airs tomorrow night (Tuesday, February 28) at 11pm. After it airs, the article will be posted. Thanks for watching!

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