INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (CBSMiami) – Each year, the NFL gathers more than 200 of the top draft prospects in Indianapolis for the annual scouting combine. And each year, there are combine freaks who rocket up draft boards after turning in great performances.

One of the most notorious cases for a team putting way too much stock into a combine performance was the Philadelphia Eagles and Mike Mamula. The linebacker was average coming out of school and then he went to the combine.

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Mamula weighed in at nearly 250 pounds and ran the 40-yard-dash in 4.58 seconds and bench pressed 225 pounds 28 times. The Eagles were mesmerized and traded up to seventh overall to draft Mamula who had a decent career, but nothing what the Eagles hoped for after the 1995 NFL combine.

In 2012, there have been several candidates to win the combine player of the year. But, Monday, one huge player may have solidified himself as the top combine performer and vaulted himself into the top 10 on draft day.

University of Memphis defensive tackle Dontari Poe weighed in at 346 pounds at the combine this weekend and also set this year’s record by bench pressing 225 pounds 44 times. But that was just a teaser of things to come.

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Monday, Poe was supposed to run the 40-yard dash. The 346-pounder came to the line and took off when the gun sounded and began lumbering down the field. When the clocks stopped, the 346-pound nose tackle had run 40 yards in just 4.87 seconds, unofficially!

Just for reference, Poe’s 40-yard dash time was faster than several of the tight ends at the combine and nearly as fast as some of the running backs in Indianapolis.

Poe has been rumored to be targeted by teams looking for defensive tackle help. If the Dolphins wanted to improve their defensive line, they could do a lot worse than seriously considering Poe.

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If Poe makes it past the Dolphins, he likely won’t make it past the number 9 spot when the Carolina Panthers draft. He could immediately be plugged into the middle of the Panthers’ defense and stay there for a decade.