MIAMI (CBSMiami) – It’s a federal crime to rob a postal worker, but that didn’t stop a robber from attacking a mail carrier while she was on her North Miami-Dade route around noon Tuesday. Now, police and postal officials are looking for the attacker.

US Postal Service inspectors said a postal worker parked her vehicle in the 15800 block of NW 2nd Avenue, and as she was leaving the car she was attacked by 2 young men who did not have a weapon.

The master key used to open mailboxes was taken, and the attackers fled on foot.

The postal worker was not hurt.

A number of South Florida postal workers have been attacked by thieves who want their mailbox master keys, often to get access to mail so they can get data for identity theft.

In the past, thieves wanted access to mail so they could steal checks, but as fewer people use checks, identity theft has become the main reason mail is stolen.

The name of the postal worker who was attacked was not revealed, but postal officials offered a $5 thousand reward for information leading to the arrest of her attacker.

Contact the Postal Inspection Service at 877-866-2455

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  1. clo56 says:

    I guarantee the robber was Scandinavian. Los of them in that area. It will be hard to find him as they all look alike.

  2. clo56 says:

    Attacked? No weapons?? Sounds as though the Postal worker is in cahoots with the Scandinavian attacker.

  3. Chucky... says:

    The Scandinavians; scandalous birds they are!

    They, all, do look very similar, and they are sinister.

    You are so right, clo56, that area is rife with them; they like to congregate around that lake on 18th ave., across from da’ cemetary.

    Don’t go there…