BAL HARBOUR (CBS4) – As Christain Louboutin’s team frantically juggled the never-ending stream of customers who had shelled out thousands of dollars for a pair of sky high, high heels, the shoe King himself, calmly and happily, put his “John Hancock” on his stand alone red soles.

“I am so excited to met him!” shrieked one shoe shopper.

The first person in line was Carla Lloyd from Ft. Lauderdale, who proudly showed off her new purchase of spiky, gold stilletos from the “20 Year Time Capsule Collection.

“I think it’s the comfort and sexiness and uniqueness of these. I’ve never seen  another designer make anything like this and it also helps that my hubby loves it.

Ina Katz told CBS4’s Lisa Petrillo that she owns about 100 pars of Louboutins.

You have 100 pairs?” asked Petrillo

“Yes,” replied Katz.

“I guess that’s like a house?” Lisa commented.

Katz responded, “Yes it is. It’s probably a home.”

“Or two,” said Lisa.

“Or two,” replied Katz.

And Oshia Banks, who has about 50 pairs of Louboutins at home, just forked over another $2,400 for her 51st pair.

“Is there a Mr. Oshia at home?” asked Lisa.

“Theres a Mr. Banks. But he doesn’t know how many I own,” replied Mrs. Banks.

“Oops! Don’t be looking at this story, Mr. Banks,” cautioned Petrillo.

Some fashionistas bring French dogs to meet French designers… others bring along their generous boyfriends.

“Is this a special present like a Birthday?” Petrillo asked of one gentleman, at Saks to buy his main squeeze a pair of Louboutins.

“N. No,” he replied.

As Lisa told the girlfriend, “Keep him. Do not throw him away.”

And while Petrillo, who is Louboutin-less, waits and waits and waits to talk to the man of the hour, the cash registers just keep ringing.

On a three-tiered table with 20-years of shoes from Louboutin… like the one priced at $4,000… 95% of them are sold out.

Christian Louboutin celebrating 20-years. It is the first of what is could be many milestones to come.

  1. michael wind says:

    most of these are woman of florida organized crime bosses…

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