MIRAMAR (CBS4) – The family of a missing Miramar girl is asking for your help to find her. Saturday morning, more than 2 dozen friends, family members, and strangers hit the streets of Miramar armed with fliers spreading the word about 17-year-old Naketa Leiba.
Naketa was last seen Wednesday in the 68-hundred block of SW 34 Street. She was supposed to walk home from her bus stop but she never made it home. Her mother, Sharon Leiba, said she had two brief phone conversations with her daughter that afternoon. The second one was strange, she said.”She said, “Yeah, I’m on the way” and I heard like a crackling, like the phone fell,” Sharon said.Her parents say Naketa had no reason to run away.

“I know in my heart that she didn’t run away,” Sharon said. “Someone have her and whoever have her is holding her against her will.”

Naketa’s father, Michael, says he can’t eat or sleep.

“Every time I put down my head, I hear her screaming in my head,” he said.

On Saturday morning, Naketa’s family plans to hand out flyers in the area near the bus stop and along the path she would’ve taken home.

The family is also hoping a business owner or homeowner might have surveillance video that shows her walking.

Her parents says Naketa has lots of stuff on her plate.

“She was looking forward to go to college,” he mother said.

Sharon said Naketa is focused on taking her SAT’s and finishing her senior year at South Broward High School where she is a top student. Her parents say she just had a job interview and was excited about a voice lesson this weekend.

On Friday her mother shared her agony with radio listeners, hoping someone would step forward with information about Naketa’s whereabouts.

“Please, please we just want her to come home, we just want her to come,” Sharon said.

Naketa’s parents say that last year a man in a car stalked their daughter several times as she walked home from the bus stop. Police have not said if that played a role in her disappearance.

One of Naketa’s last messages came on Twitter. Her friend Quinton Laurent said on Wednesday afternoon Naketa tweeted that she was on her way home.

“When I saw that she said she was going home, that made me — that’s when I started to feel worried,” Laurent said.

Her parents are beyond worried. They’re fearful of what’s happened to their beloved daughter.

“I’m trying not to even think of what she’s going through right now,” Sharon said. “I can’t even think it.”

Miramar Police have opened a missing persons investigation on Naketa, but have not ruled out the possibility that she may have run away. Her father says she would never have willingly left on her own.

Also joining the family today in passing out fliers, were the loved ones of 15-year-old Jorlisha Simmons. Jorlisha has been missing from Miramar since heading to her school bus stop Monday morning. Her family says she does not know Naketa, and they attended different schools.

Police say Jorlisha has a history of running away, and they are treating her case as a runaway case at this point.

If you’ve seen either of the girls, or have any information on them call the Miramar Police Department.

  1. Carol says:

    If she had a stalker she should have never ever been left alone and I don’t care if it were last year these kind of animals will wait until they have the right time to crab the person.

    This such a dangerous time and she is so beautiful she should never be left alone in the street because that in itself is so scarey.

    I was stalked at work by another woman and not until I reported her did she stop and not even at that she really never stopped but she knew better to get close because I reported her but I remained very alert at ALL times.

    More than likely she had a radio going in her ear and she never heard the person coming or in her case she was on the phone and not aware who was around her and they took off with her. This is a horrible horrible story and hope and pray they find her alive.


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