MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A group of South Florida youngsters have been learning the sweet science as they try to get fit and stay fit.

For the last week, the kids have been participating in South Florida Boxing’s “Get Fit, Stay Fit” program.

It was started by owner Jolie Glassman as a place where kids can go, feel safe, get strong and get fit. It also keeps kids active at an early age, while teaching them boxing.

“Boxing, we did rock climbing yesterday, mountain-biking and yesterday we did Crossfit which is extreme cardio workouts,” said student Austin Zifferblatt.

Jolie said with 17 percent of teenagers overweight, the week-long fitness program is a simple way to try and stem the tide of youth obesity.

“I thought it was a really great experience for all of us,” said student Maria Boano. “For example, yesterday we did Crossfit and I think I’m gonna start doing that.”

The kids will be learning in an area famous for turning out some of the best boxers in the world. From Muhammad Ali to Roy Jones, Jr, and many others, they’ve all spent some time in South Florida.

For Glassman, through all the sweat, tears, and jabs, the teens hopefully learn a valuable lesson.

“If a kid gets strong, their grades are better, their self-esteem, everything,” said Glassman. “It all generates from being strong.”

  1. Livio A. Zanardo says:

    There is an error in grammar at the beginning of the article.

    “A group of South Florida youngsters *have* been learning the sweet science as they try to get fit and stay fit.”

    The youngsters are not the ones “learning the science”. It is The Group that is.
    “A group of South Florida youngsters HAS been learning…”