MIAMI (CBS4) – J-Lo, Kim Kardashian, and Beyoncé! They are all celebrity babes with backsides!

But move over ladies. There are lots of South Floridians right “behind” you.

Trying to tell whose butt is natural and whose is enhanced isn’t so easy, as CBS4’s Cynthia Demos discovered. She also asked people on the streets of South Florida about their opinion on the procedure.

“Would you ever get a butt augmentation?” asked Demos.

“Yes!” was one excited reply.

“Anything to look better,” said another.

“I just don’t like it. Don’t care for it. Mine is already big enough,” another woman insisted.

Butt augmentation is not for everyone. But Mirta Gonzalez said it was for her. “I just needed a little shaping. I love it! It’s perfect.”

The 51-year old Gonzalez is not the only one in town who has a fascination with the backside.

Realself, a website on cosmetic treatment, just released new numbers showing: of the top five states interested in Butt Augmentations, Florida came in #1… with Maryland, Georgia, Washington D.C. and New York following.

And of the top five cities interested in Butt Augmentations… Miami was #1, followed by Orlando, Atlanta, Baltimore and San Angelo, Texas.

“It doesn’t surprise me,” said Dr. Phillip Craft. He was Mirta’s Plastic Surgeon. He said the most popular implants in Miami are, “The round smooth implants.”

Doctors can also sculpt a new backside with your own fat.

“It fits into what the girls wear and their exercise routine,” said Craft.

As for the sample of natural and “redone” rears? Only two woman, Mirta, and one other had gone through Butt Augmentation. The other two were totally natural.

So if your interest in re-doing the buttocks is… well… growing. You are in good company here in South Florida.

  1. tim3500 says:

    And in a few years when it goes out of style you will look like a freak. Kinda of like a piece sign tattoo.

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