MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Newt Gingrich came into the Florida Primary race with plenty of momentum after easily defeating Mitt Romney in South Carolina. But Gingrich has stumbled badly and it is projected by several news organizations that he will lose Florida’s primary.

Newt Gingrich says it’s now clear it will be a two-person race for the GOP presidential nomination.

The former House speaker, who finished well behind Mitt Romney in Tuesday’s GOP primary, says that the Florida primary shows he will be the best candidate to oppose Romney.


While Gingrich trailed well behind Romney, he also finished well ahead of former Sen. Rick Santorum and congressman Ron Paul.

Gingrich is continuing to label Romney a moderate and says he is the conservative alternative. He says he will compete with the former Massachusetts governor in every state until the nominating convention in Tampa.

Speaking in front of a podium sign that says “46 States to go,” Gingrich says he will run a campaign for the people.

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  1. tc297 says:

    Newt has lost all creditability with the majority of Republican voters. He and his “friends” want to blame everyone else for his problems. He claims he didn’t do well in last Monday’s debate because the auidence wasn’t allowed to cheer. His poor performance in the debate on Thursday was because Romney packed the audience with his supporters. Might his fall in the polls be due to the lies that come out of his mouth? Newt’s ex wife says he was not deposed in their divorce proceedings. This after he was quoted in an interview in FL saying he didn’t lie about his affairs in his deposition. Newt told everyone that he offered friends to be interviewed by ABC to refute his wife’s story. By his own admission he didn’t tell the truth about this. He has also told Americans a lot of misinformation about capitalism and the free market. He was forced to remove two ads that contained untruths about his opponent Mitt Romney. His stand on illegal immigration? Did he tell us his older daught is running his FL campagin prior to trotting her out to defend him againist his ex wife’s allegations? What about accusing Paul Ryan of right wing social engineering? Maybe it is because people are discovering he is a true Washington insider. Maybe because he is a Rockefeller Republican? The list could go on and on. We already have somone in the white house who refuses to take resonsibility and blames somone else for our country’s problems. Do we really want to elect somone who will be more of the same? Before Newt accuses others of being dishonest he should clean up his own act.