TALLAHASSEE (CBSMiami)/AP) — With lawmakers split along party lines, the House Civil Justice Subcommittee on Tuesday approved bills aimed at blocking abortions after 20 weeks and curbing abortions that might be related to the race or gender of fetuses.

The Republican-controlled panel voted 8-5 to approve HB 839, which would ban abortions 20 or more weeks after fertilization.

Sponsor Daniel Davis, R-Jacksonville, said the measure is needed because “unborn babies” at that stage of development can feel pain. But Planned Parenthood lobbyist Emily Gordon said the bill would inject government into the relationship between doctors and patients and described it as “too extreme for Florida.”

The subcommittee followed by voting 7-5 for HB 1327, which would require doctors to sign affidavits that they are not performing abortions that are motivated by the race or gender of fetuses.

“Based on the race or gender, babies shouldn’t be singled out for this,” sponsor Scott Plakon, R-Longwood, said. But Rep. Richard Steinberg, D-Miami Beach, questioned how doctors would know the motivations of women seeking abortions.

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