PALM BEACH (CBSMiami) – Real estate mogul Donald Trump, who dropped out of the GOP presidential race months before the first primary, now said he may reluctantly be forced to run as a third party candidate, a decision revealed Sunday on a special Miami broadcast of the CBS News program Face The Nation.

In an interview conducted Saturday night at his Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach with Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer, Trump blasted Republican infighting, saying was hurting the party’s chances to beat President Obama in 2012.

“I’ve never seen anything like this. It’s Republican against Republican, and yet the level of hatred, I guess you could say, I mean, there’s no other word for it, is unbelievable,” he told Schieffer. “The question is, are they hurting themselves? Are they hurting the party? Are they hurting the Republicans, and are they hurting their chances of winning an election against Barack Obama? And probably the answer is yes.”

While Trump said he thinks Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney are both candidates who could beat President Obama, his concern about the infighting has him thinking how he might try to change the game if the GOP candidates weaken.

“I don’t see a person that, number one, is going to win,” he said, he may be forced to mount his own campaign.”I think people dislike the Republicans and the Democrats more than they ever have,” he added. “So I actually think the right Independent could win, and there was a poll about a month ago, you saw it, where I was the number one Independent choice.”

Trump cannot run for a major party because of the reality show he hosts.

“It’s a very sad situation what’s happening to the country and I do say that and I say many other things and somehow it resonates with a lot of people and that’s why they, you know, would like me to run,” Trump continued. “I hope I don’t have to, but I may absolutely.”

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  1. Atheist says:

    Why are you even covering this garbage? should be a shamed it’s all of publicity he isn’t running. Write about real news please

  2. Daniel Taylor says:

    The only thing Americans dislike more than the Republicans and Democrats his him. He would only be hurting the Republican party as Democrats are most likely not going to vote for him, unless they are appearing on Celebrity Apprentice. He needs to get over himself and focus on what he does best, creating mediocre television.

  3. Bob says:

    Lord help us if this super ego with the bad hair and multiple wives steps in to muddy the waters….Trump would be worse than Obama….

    1. paul radcliff says:

      Any one else is worse than Obama. Republicans offer up bad candidates, will lose thanks to rampant infighting, dishonesty and only helping the rich and Big Oil and export more American jobs. The GOP always will – SUCK!!

  4. Herbert Abrams says:

    LOL a New Reality Show Guest Staring SAraaaaaahj

  5. Feudi Pandola says:

    I’m guessing The Frumpster will go after the Orange People vote.

    1. paul radcliff says:

      Oompa Loompa anyone?? I think NOT!

  6. Eugene9 says:

    Run, Donald, run! The GOP is already sliding into a giant ditch. Your candidacy will be shovel-ready ditch enlargement.

  7. George Ronald Adkisson says:

    It’s probably a good idea to elect something other than the regular split up type Republicans and Democrats…the last four years only resulted a dysfunctional Congress, and dysfunctional enough to Temporarily get the Bushes out of trouble…along with the others that ruined the legal system of the uS…Rumsfeld included.
    If I were to have a discussion with Mr. Trump…I know the discussion would be an intelligent one…and I would probably leave and not secretly harbour any resentment and do things that politicians are famous for…throwing mud…like they are in a devoice case.
    I might have a choice for who his running mate was though…someone that would not mind kicking someone down the halls of the Whitehouse and out the doors…onto the streets type of person…whenever another stupid politician appeared…tearing up the common laws of the uS again…like Obama just did.

  8. Tom Eggebeen says:

    Oops, ya’ mean there’s another clown in the car?

  9. gush says:

    There are two other candidates in this race ! Ron Paul isn”t getting any press! WHY?? The republican machine doesn’t care who wins the nomination as long as it is not a person like Ron Paul that wants to seriously go back to the constitution and realy solve the problems that this 50 year dictatorship has given us! Look at the records of the candidates and stop listen to the soap opera smear( BUT TRUE) accusations. on Gingrich and Romney!! Personally I reall dislike and definitely don’t trust Gingrich because I KNOW his record !!!

  10. Johnny says:

    The Trump – he’s funny

  11. BayAreaReader says:

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!! ,,,that’s what we all need now — a conservative-based, 5-Ring circus, with Clown Prince Comb-over as the starring attraction!

    1. Julian Alien says:

      This is why Donald Trump is threatening to run third party,to dilute the vote in case Ron Paul runs Indy after the GOP convention.Donald might be able to ensure a Obama/Romney ticket,which is what Newt and Santorum are trying to do now by collecting delegates and backing Romney in the end.It does not matter who is the chosen one,there are many chosen ones working for the same shadow government,but few real candidates,and no such thing as a political party with differing ideals.They are all actors playing a game with the citizens future except for the rare,trustworthy candidate like Ron Paul.He could run under the(insert) party and I would follow him until the very end.

  12. DeniseAZ says:

    Last night on Bill Maher’s show there was a spot about NARCISSISTS…By definition, THE DONALD is a more than perfect fit. The narcissist that would be KING…gimme a break!

  13. Rick A says:

    It will ne of negligible consequence if Trump chooses to run or not. The most interest Trump could generate as a Third-Party candidate would be if he could garner more than 1% of the popular vote.

  14. Shantam says:

    There’s nothing like making divisiveness even more divisive.

  15. bigjoe says:

    Does this phony have more lives than Bret Farve? Please disappear Donald
    you are embarassing America

  16. Pat O says:

    Oh Yeah…Donald to the rescue. You bring the hammer, I’ll bring the nails. This party is going down baby

  17. Timothy Rauch says:

    Go Donald GO!!

  18. Ghost of Nat Turner says:

    Oh please run, for the sake of comedy

  19. Jagdish Atri says:

    Trump is living in his own fool’s paradise! To think majority of Americans would vote for another moron like him would be a great tragedy in our life time.
    May God save USA.

  20. Al Dorman says:

    Please run, Donald! We need your experience!

  21. Matthew says:

    Ask any woman…

    two boobs is PLENTY.

  22. annie says:

    A self annointed king ……..of FOOLS

  23. bp jg says:

    like watching two cups of chowder…