MIAMI (CBSMiami) – In case there was any doubt that the NFL was the new national pastime, a new Harris Interactive survey put the issue to rest.

According to the poll, pro football was the favorite sport among 36 percent of fans surveyed. It far outpaced its closest rivals, baseball and college football, which tied at 13 percent.

Since 1985, pro football has climbed twelve points while Major League Baseball has been in a tailspin, dropping 10 points over the past 16 years.

Fans love for football stretches to the college ranks which has climbed in popularity by three percent over the years. It tied with baseball for second-place in the favorite sports poll.

Baseball’s demographics in the poll suggested that it’s fans are aging, going from 50-64 years old, and it’s much more popular on the East Coast than it is out west.

  1. sc says:

    helluva poll! thats like tryinbg to figure out who america believes is the best african american golfer!

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