MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Airline passengers are warned not to put expensive things in luggage, a Miami TSA baggage screener is proof the warning makes sense. Michael Pujol was charged with Grand Theft after Miami-Dade police said he rifled a traveler’s luggage, stealing at least one iPad.

Investigators say it probably wasn’t the first time, as Pujol had modified the TSA uniform he wore to carry a hidden pocket which was apparently used to conceal the ill-gotten loot stolen from the luggage he screened.

The iPad, which belonged to a San-Francisco-bound passenger, was traced back to Pujol after he was found for sale on Craig’s list. Pujol’s wife, Betsy Pujol Salazar, was accused of placing the iPad, and was also charged with Grand Theft and stolen property charges.

Police said Pujol Salazar admitted that she and her husband had taken items stolen from luggage and sold them on Craigslist for the past three years. Pujol said he did it to provide for his family.

Pujol also was charged another count of grand theft for stealing an iPad from another passenger back in August.

Both Pujols have been released on bond pending a February 17th court date.

Michael Pujol has been suspended by the TSA.

  1. tim3500 says:

    Upon further review Pujol will be re-instated after completing a 12 step program.

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