LOS ANGELES (CBS4) – Cast members of the Big Bang Theory on CBS, can’t believe the 100th episode has come so fast.

“It’s amazing. It’s fantastic. And there’s a part of me that feels like I don’t remember what I did before this,” said Johnny Galecki.

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“There’s a certain freshness to it with every week, with every story. So there’s always something that feels new about it,” explained Jim Parsons.

Kaley Cuoco agreed. “Well I was in this top in the pilot and I remember it was like it was yesterday. I can’t believe it. It’s been amazing.”

Melissa Rauch added, “Obviously I wasn’t here for all 100. But I was a fan of the show before. So I would re-enact episodes in m house.”

What is the secret to the show’s success?

Kunal Nayyar thinks he knows. “You’re not writing a show about nerds or geeks… you’re writing a show about people who are extraordinary.”

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“They’re underdogs,” added Johnny Galecki. “And that’s relatable and people want to root for the characters like that.”

“I think that the characters are lovable. You want these guys to succeed, do well, get the girl, whatever it is. And I think you can’t help but fall in love with them,” added Cuoco.

“I really like that Sheldon always knows that he’s right, even if he’s wrong. And I think that’s my favorite thing about him because I relate to it,” said Parsons.

Mayim Bialek had a different take on the reason for the show’s popularity. “We’re a funny cast. We have a broad spectrum of personalities represented off camera. I get picked on a lot. But it’s ok.”

Show producer and co-creators chuck Lorre and Bill Prady say it’s been a wonderful run so far, and hopefully there’s more to come.

“It’s a beautiful nurturing and embracing environment to work. There’s no drama. There’s no ego. We did create a family on set over these five years and it gets said a lot, but it’s rarely true. It is true on this show,” explained Lorre.

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Prady added, “The next 100 will take place in a Martian colony that the characters will build. So a lot of the next episodes are about space trips to Mars and trouble with oxygen supply and what they’re gonna wear on Mars.”

Lisa Petrillo