Big Story:
Quick agenda for today….the Fins are about to get left at the altar, but they shouldn’t care; the Heat hit the court again looking to end a two-game losing streak; and the Panthers return to the ice.
When the cops pulled us over, they clocked us doing….more sports.

Honestly, I’m sick of it already.
Just pick one and get it over with Mr. Fisher.
It’s just gotten to the point of ridiculousness.
My gut continues to tell me Fisher is heading to St. Louis and he’s just using the Dolphins as leverage to squeeze more money out of Stan Kroenke (Rams owner).
I just don’t think he wants to come to Miami and jump into the dysfunctional organizational structure.
Then again, if Ross is willing to cough up $7.5 million (which is WAAAYYYY too much for him) I’d take the money and no state income tax and run.
Hopefully, this saga that would make a reality show proud ends today.
Our luck, it’s going to last into the weekend and next week.
If it does, I think Ross should just hold a press conference and say, “We gave him a great offer of X amount and he refused to make a decision, so we’re moving on.”
Fans I think would respect it, but that’s just me.

Heat: (vs. Denver, 10:30 p.m., Sun Sports & ESPN)
So the Miami Heat head back to the hardwood tonight trying to stop a two-game losing streak.
They’ll be doing it in an arena that has not been kind to them and may do it without D-Wade who sat out practice yesterday.
Honestly, the thing the Heat need to work on the best is finishing.
I don’t mean at the basket, I mean at the end of a game.
Every great championship squad knows how to build a lead and then shove the dagger right into the heart of the opponent.
So far, the Heat can build the big lead, but then fall asleep.
If you’re up by 25, you don’t sit back and let the other team come back, you attack attack attack and bury the other squad.
That’s what I want to see the Heat do.
Once they start doing that, all bets are off.
By the way, if anyone wants to donate a ticket to the Spurs game on Tuesday…I’m the best charity you know!

Panthers: (vs. Penguins, 7:30 p.m., Fox Sports Florida)
The Cats hit the ice again tonight, this time against the Pittsburgh Penguins.
The Penguins have faded a bit in the Atlantic Division, as they’ve dropped to fourth place.
Florida is clinging to a 4 point lead in the Southeast Division.
They need to close out the home stand tonight and on Monday with victories over the Pens and Bruins.
They then start a road trip next Wednesday through Saturday with 3 games in four days.
Head out and cheer the Cats, they are the most successful team without a superstar that I’ve seen.

NFL Playoffs Predictions:
New England beats Denver (sorry Tebownation)
Baltimore beats the Texans
New Orleans knocks of San Fran
Giants upset Green Bay (agree with Jawan on this one!)
Then next week….
New England outlasts Baltimore
Giants knock off New Orleans
Super Bowl….
Giants beat Patriots…AGAIN!


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