MIAMI (CBS4) – Headphones and a good playlist are just about a must at the gym these days, but now smartphone apps are also helping to shed the pounds.

“I don’t have to do any of the thinking,” said Mary Kromrey, who is a fan of the apps. “I can just glance down at my phone, it’s got a chime when I need to look.

Kromrey recently downloaded an app that gives her a customized workout for cycling.

I liked this one because I didn’t have to pay extra for music. It would go in and sync with playlists that I had already created.

Whether it’s hopping on the stair-stepper or the stationary bike, there’s an app to help you along the way.

“This app sort of tracks the positives like this is what you’re getting back,” app user Stephanie Currao said. “This is what you’re gaining.”

Currao also found a wellness app to help her quit smoking.

“It will track how many cigarettes you would have smoked since you stopped smoking,” said Currao.

It’s called “My Last Cigarette” and it also tracks how much money she’s saving, even internal health stats.

“My cravings are down my nicotine levels are down but lung health still isn’t good. I mean it’s slowly improving,” said Currao.

So whether your New Year’s resolution was to quit smoking, or spend more time at the gym, an app may be just what you need to reach that goal.