MIAMI (CBS4)- As 2011 draws to a close, it could only mean one of many things, besides whipping out that New Years resolutions list.  It’s time for another year in review as we begin our top stories of 2011 coming out of Florida, especially here at home in South Florida.

So what news stories were the most popular? Most importantly, what insights can we gather about contemporary culture from this list? Well, after culling through’s long list of headlines, we came to the conclusion that bizarre stories always have a way with our readers. Of course, bizarre is an elusive term. What may fit the ‘bazarro’ bill for one may be the everyday, run of the mill story for another.

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Without further ado, the number one story out of the news site was – drum roll, please – Miami-Dade’s newest crime fighting tool: The Micro Air Vehicle or ‘eye in the sky’ drone.

Making the number two, three and four of the list, news lovers were also captivated by political interruptions, police inter-agency wars and South Florida happenings, specifically the “rowdy” Urban Beach Week hip hop extravaganza.

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Remember that story about the Miami cop whose patrol car ended up a pole? Well…not into it, but up it? That story made its way to the fifth spot.

Copper wire is a high commodity, and this year copper wire-related crimes made it twice on the list.

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For the full list of the Top stories that made the list, check out our slideshow by clicking here.