FT. LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – Just in time for the holidays, the City of Ft. Lauderdale has come up with a way to help the homeless who have relatives in other parts of the country who are willing to take care of them.

Tuesday, the Ft. Lauderdale city commission approved a $25,000 program which will buy them one-way bus tickets out of town. The program won’t cost taxpayers a dime.  It’s being paid for by the Florida Law Enforcement Trust Fund, which is money confiscated from criminals.

Vice Mayor Bobby DuBose was the only commissioner to vote against the program, saying he believes that there are other ways the money could be used to help the homeless.  He said he was also concerned that some homeless people may take advantage of the program and use it as a cheap vacation.

Under terms of the program, a participant would only be eligible to receive a free ticket once.

Vicki Nugent, who now calls Stranahan Park in downtown Ft. Lauderdale home, never dreamed that one day she would be living on the streets.

“I came here because my boyfriend was on the run and I left Johnstown, Pennsylvania and came here five years and four months ago and I been here ever since,” said Nugent.  “I just got stuck.  I can’t explain it.”

Nugent said she’d be eligible for the program because she has several family members willing to take care of her back home.

“I have three younger sisters, my grand children, my daughters and two of my sons,” said Nugent.

Sean Cononie, who runs a homeless shelter in Hollywood, said if Fort Lauderdale runs its program the same way Broward County does, and the homeless aren’t forced onto buses to leave, he’s all in favor.

“We need to not force the homeless into leaving town.  That’s their God given right to be where ever they want to be.  But if they want to go home and the city’s willing put them home, I think it’s a great opportunity for both parties,” said Cononie.

Nugent, who hopes to one day leave the streets behind, said she’s going to look into it.

So far, about 100 homeless people like Nugent have expressed interest in the program.  The city hopes to have it up and running by early January.

Ted Scouten

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  1. PAUL says:

    Didn’t Fidel Castro do the same thing in the 80’s? LOL

    1. Domingo says:

      yes he did send them all over to the us and it was call mariel boat and he dint even pay for there way out .

      1. Carol says:


      2. Castro Sucks @$$ says:

        It was called the Mariel Boatlift. In turn, Castro cleaned out his jails, nuthouses, and orphanages. Castro dropped the unwanted dregs on South FL. The schools, public housing, and welfare system is still overwhelmed!!!

      3. DigitalBob says:

        I remember seeing video of one guy on the news. He had ‘Yo soy loco’…’I am crazy’…tattooed on his forehead.

        As you recall, that was a brain storm of Jimmy Carter’s….the second worst president of our lifetimes.

    2. Carol says:


    3. rufus levin says:

      he emptied the prisons of criminals and killers and sent the all to the USA…saved money, and sent us terrible rapists, murderers, thieves….

      1. alan says:

        Lets here it for the democrat, Carter who single handedly ruined south florida.

      2. AreaMan says:

        So that’s where all the Democrat voters came from…this explains quite a bit.

      3. jespasinthru says:

        And Miami has been a Third World hellhole ever since. They had a saying back then: “Will the last American leaving Miami please bring the flag?”

    4. Dave Mowers says:

      “Remember, Remember the 6th of November. The bail out, treason, and plot. I know of no reason why the bail out treason should ever be forgot!”

      ███ ████

      2 0 1 2

      1. Dave Mowers says:

        “The U.S. government has a technology, called a printing press (or today, its electronic equivalent), that allows it to produce as many U.S. dollars as it wishes at no cost.”

        -Ben Bernanke, Chairman Federal Reserve

    5. Ghostsouls says:

      And Mexico’s presicent calderon’ is sending his here!!

      1. feduptoo says:

        Exactly! We are the release valve for other countries problems!

        Doesn’t matter to politicians if US citizens cannot find work, and that we are forced to take care of illegals/or legals.

        Now Senator Chuck Schumer, wants to bring in 10,000 Irish immigrants!

        Our D.C. politicians won’t get a clue, until we storm the doors!

    6. LaVonte d'Ashawn Jackson IV says:

      Yes. I see them playing dominoes all day in Little Havana. Vote democrat to maintain their standard of living.

  2. Domingo says:

    why not help these people in anyway or form they dint get there cause they wanted not just paythem a oneway ticket and put them in a bus to let another county or state take care of them these way the politicion look good and the city also shame that we are getting to be people that dont care for man kind and help them just put them out like a dog leave it to the politicals to handle everything and screew it up

    1. Dave says:

      Hey Domingo – Want a bus ticket? I’ll give you a phonics books to entertain you on your journey.

      1. Eddie says:


      2. heelers4me says:

        Dave, LMAO!

    2. no one says:

      Sure Domingo. Are you going to pay for it? Not me.

      1. Joe says:

        Anybody want some illegals from California?

      2. PowerPC says:

        Maybe the homless people can learn a lesson from the illegal Mexican immigrants. They should pool their money for a couple of months and live in a two room house with 20 people stacked in there like cord-wood. The Mexicans know how to do it. They even turn a prophet at the end of every week or month and send it back to their families in Mexico. If the immigrants can do it why not the homeless…….Unless immigrants get more social funding and programs than the homeless Americans.

    3. Me says:

      So taking money from working people by force (taxes) = caring for mankind. Give all of YOUR money that you wish to. But if your writing skills are any indication, I doubt that would amount too much.

    4. Dave says:

      “I love Mankind. It’s People I can’t stand.” Charles M. Schultz

  3. John Conner says:

    This is a way to dump the homeless elsewhere, saying it gives the homeless a way to go “home” is absurd. they don’t have a home hence being “homeless” The money can better be used for vocational training and for shelters, south florida has no real shelters excpet during a hurricane. Addicts don’t choose to become addicted, homeless don’t choose to be homeless, mental illness is a disease, not a moral issue in the case of some homeless. Treat the core of the problem, not the effect

    1. Kay says:

      Only if they WANT to learn and WANT help. Lots of homeless people dont want to go by the rules that organizations who offer to help them insist on. You cant save everyone. Many people dont WANT to be saved. So be it

      1. August says:

        The homeless do not want to follow their rules & convert to their religion…how about only REAL HOUSING, REAL TRAINING, and REAL JOBS?

    2. eegor says:

      “Addicts don’t choose to become addicted…”

      I disagree. The addict took an addicting drug by choice, thus choosing the lifestyle.

    3. Sammie Jo says:

      Addicts don’t choose to become addicted???
      Except for people who get hooked on drugs while in the hospital, I have never noticed anyone forcing drugs on anyone, an addict became an addict because they willingly ingested in drugs.
      My ex SIL is a crack addict, she CHOSE to pick up the crack pipe, she CHOOSES to continue with it, even after 6 months in jail and getting clean.
      I have zero sympathy for her or anyone else who WILLINGLY becomes an addict.

    4. GL Lee says:

      Actually John, a vast overwhelming number of them CHOOSE to be bums. It’s a fact, look it up. The last time I looked it was around 85% voluntary. My wife used to be in the business of helping them, and she’ll now be the first to tell you it’s futile. They ALL have mailboxes somewhere so they can pick up their social security and welfare checks, too, John. Wake up buddy.

    5. Akela says:

      It’s pretty obvious that you’ve never even MET a homeless person, John. They pretty much LIKE where they are.

    6. dwalk says:

      Give then vocational training for all those jobs out there waiting to be filled?
      Nearly all Addicts made their choice when they first started using drugs.
      I can see hundreds of them all lined up up to leave the warm weather in Florida for Destination resorts in New York, Detroit, maybe even N. Dakota where there are some actual jobs available.
      This one-way ticket business has been going on for years. Most cities just keep quiet about it.

    7. Geo Doughtyman says:

      I have nephews who use this program to travel from city to city because lots of cities have programs. Nothing to it.

    8. Grayhound says:

      And Bleeding Heart Liberals don’t choose to become Bleeding Heart Liberals, -it’s just in their DNA.

    9. Bewildered in NY says:

      “mental illness is a disease, not a moral issue in the case of some homeless.” ?? So for people with homes and mental illness, it’s a “moral issue”? What are you talking about?

  4. Carol says:

    This is a great idea as long as they stay where we sent them and not return because it is so cold in so many places that if the family or friends decide they no longer want them back and they end up in the street again they will come back again.

    But all we can do is try to help the homeless noting more nothing less.

  5. Jon says:

    Nothing new here, the central ca. coastal city I lived in back in the 70’s would on occasion do an early morning sweep and place those swept up onto a bus to LA.

  6. rufus levin says:

    This is the OLD Mississippi Welfare Program….a free bus ticket to New York.

  7. Justin Tyme says:

    Back in the ‘olden days’ this was standard practice in cities and towns across America. It as known as a ‘floater.’

    1. Spanky says:

      I remember that. It seems like some people are just hearing about it for the first time.

  8. GJ says:

    Anybody notice the grammer in this article? I bet some of the homeless could have done better.

    1. Bill says:

      Yes, as well as the issue of your spelling of the word grammar.

      1. dwalk says:

        Maybe grammer is phonics for someone’s grandmother?

    2. Sheryl Lynn says:

      Absolutely. Can’t even explain away the mistakes with a simple “typo” excuse. It’s just atrocious.

      1. doctorate says:

        I know. I thought a child wrote the article.

  9. LOL says:

    Send them all to San Fransicko
    The Stooges (Pelosi, Boxer, Fienstine) will welcome them all with open arms and open taxpay wallets!

    1. hoopty says:

      I was going to say the same thing. They LOVE street bums in San Francisco. Send ALL your homeless to San Francisco. It’s the homeless capital of the US.

    2. Cathy frenette says:

      Hey we don’t want more here keep your freaks in Florida

      1. dwalk says:

        So what you are saying is that you are filled up with freaks and you have your “No Vacancy” signs out?

    3. nightsky says:

      C’mon…a grammar mistake is a little bit more grievous than a spelling mistake, don’t you think?

  10. ivanthedestroyer77 says:

    Where is the destination.. Dachau? Idiots. And, how many of you disgusting vermin call yourselves Christians? Remember, Lazarus? ,

    1. LOL says:

      Lazarus was in the final episode of Star Trek!

      1. ivanthedestroyer77 says:

        Laugh … and when You are Burning in the lake of Fire, Christian … I will Laugh!!

    2. Justin Tyme says:

      It appears for at least one person the destination is Johnstown, PA., not Dachau. She’s says she’s stuck in Ft. L., and will use the program to get home to family and friends who can help her get off the street. Sounds as if the city is doing the Christian thing by helping those who are stranded find their way home.

      1. ivanthedestroyer77 says:

        So did Hitler.

      2. gfy2734.com says:

        So her family couldn’t buy a cheap ticket to get her home?

      3. Dave says:

        The top comment on the article. Congratulations.

      4. Dave says:

        “So her family couldn’t buy a cheap ticket to get her home?”

        That’s the one I meant when I said “top comment on this article”, forgot the quotes don’t follow here.

      5. GL Lee says:

        ivan… are you twelve? Hitler was a mass murderer that systematically killed 6 million innocent people you buffoon. You are an obvious light thinker and graduate of government school.

    3. Kay says:

      And your solution, name-caller?

      1. ivanthedestroyer77 says:

        Close all the useless military bases. Stop all BS War.

        Stop murdering people of color under the euphemism of terrorist. Cut the military by ¾. Stop all foreign aid and job exportation. Tax Imports until the “greedy little monkeys” are forced to bring back the prosperity they stole from America. I’m certain this is a Great Start. More then any of you idiots could muster!

        And, if you don’t like that, I can always summon SS-18 SATAN’S out of RUSSIA and Deliver all of you monkeys to the Creator!

      1. ivanthedestroyer77 says:

        LOL … what’s that some sick form of playing with yourself??? Get Help.

    4. Fredflintstone Third says:

      I am not Christian….thanks…but no thanks.

      1. ivanthedestroyer77 says:

        Are you human, do you have a Brain? Do you have a conscience, are you Conscious? If not, then by Law, I can Abort You … Christian or Not.

    5. Spanky says:

      What is your address and what time is dinner?

      BTW, please no feather pillows, I prefer synthetic due to allergies. See you soon!

      1. Dave says:

        Phx. and 6pm usually. Breakfast at 5am You either cook or buy groceries or do dishes for the meals. I have 15 acres and 24 head of horses that need picked up after, worked, fed etc., usually around 10 head of cattle that need the same (except worked) 12 1/2 acres of pasture that needs watered and mowed and 6 tons of feed per month to load and distribute daily along with about 20 tons of what comes out the other end mixed with straw and wet dirt. The tractor’s broke so you’ll have to fix it before the next mowing or planting. Oh, and there’s usually around 35 dogs on property on any given day training, boarding or rehab for rescue. All the food, work, clean stuff for the horses applies to them too. That pays for the room. This takes about 8-10 hours per day, leaving time for an evening shift at some other job for cash to get back on your feet. Fair ’nuff?

        Should I go on?

    6. jim conch says:

      So what does Lazarus have to do with it? As to Dachau, there aren’t any ovens here, yet!

  11. alan says:

    Send them all to San Francisco. They like homeless there

  12. Scudbuster says:

    Grammer check!

    “I came here because my boyfriend was on the run and I left Johnstown, Pennsylvania and came here five years and for months ago and I been here ever since,”

    “For” does not equal 4

    1. Gia says:

      And Grammer is spelled Grammar…

    2. GL Lee says:

      On the run for what? Is he a criminal?

  13. occupy this says:

    It’s no fun when your city is on the receiving end. Several years ago, Fresno put many of its homeless on a bus to Tucson.

  14. Osama Bedead says:

    “He (DuBose) said he was also concerned that some homeless people may take advantage of the program and use it as a cheap vacation.”

    Excuse me? THEY SAY THEY ARE HOMELESS! That means they won’t have the money to get a bus ticket back. THAT’S THE IDEA!!! Give them a vacation with their families and let the families take care of them rather than the homeless shelters. DUH!!!

    1. Ted Hughes says:

      If you really think the “homeless” don’t have any money…you are clueless. My dad become a millionaire owning a liquor store selling booze and lottery tickets to the “homeless”.

      1. MWR says:

        Tell me about it! There was a scruffy, unwashed young man this past summer who would stand in front of one of our local supermarkets with a handmade cardboard sign on which he’d scrawled, “Out of work, no home.” I debated giving him some money, but I’m always leery of panhandlers of any sort. A few weeks into July I was glad I hadn’t. I ended up behind him in line at that same grocery store, where he was using the money folks had given him out of charity to buy a 30-pack of Natural Light, a carton of cigarettes, and a 20oz bottle of Coke.

        If he’d been buying eggs, milk and carrots, okay. But beer and cigarettes? No. That tells me you don’t REALLY want to get out of your situation. That tells me you’re just interested in paying for your indulgences and aren’t willing to sacrifice. That tells me I was right to drive past you and give my donation to the Salvation Army instead.

      2. Me says:

        And you have been sponging off him ever since. Fess up. LoL

  15. canaan says:

    Ever thought about proofreading before you publish?

  16. Mike says:

    You would think that with three younger sisters, grand children, daughters and two sons some one would have been looking for her. Maybe they don’t want her back.

  17. changomango says:

    Did this reporter pick up an illegal alien from his local Home Depot to write the article for him? It’s filled with grammatical errors.

  18. Margaret says:

    Who wrote this? Does their computer not have grammatic and spell check? “…she’d be eligible for the program because she has several families members will to take care of her back home.” My fourth grader writes better than that. So annoying!

    1. MWR says:

      I’m pretty sure the author got the Siri app on his or her iPhone to actually do the research and write the article,while he/she got soused on Jell-o shots.

      Though actually, no. Siri would at least bother to use Grammar Check.

    2. dwalk says:

      It is very difficult to write for the media while riding in a bus, on a one way ticket, heading North to Alaska!

  19. George Semper fi says:

    Heavens to Mergetroid, I hope they don’t require Photo ID’s for these multi-voters. Has POTUS, Reid, Shumer, Pelosii , and DBW Shultz put their blessings on this evil scheme to require legitamitcy.. Purple fingers anyone?

    1. MWR says:

      I’m sure the Democrat hackery would actually approve of requiring ID for this little venture. Imagine all of the names and birth dates and SSNs they could co-opt from these people to generate all the fake votes they’ll need to win Obama another election! It’s a goldmine! I’m surprised Teh Won didn’t think of it himself.

    2. Spanky says:

      “Heavens to Murgatroyd” was the catchphrase of Snagglepuss (the pink panther on “The Quick Draw McGraw Show” and “The Yogi Bear Show.”

  20. Bruce_Almty says:

    I’m going to Disney World :)))

    1. Margaret says:

      So I am on Saturday! I live in Orlando 🙂

  21. MWR says:

    “Vicki Nugent, who now calls Stranahan Park in downtown Ft. Lauderdale home, never dreamed one day she would be living on the streets.

    ‘I came here because my boyfriend was on the run and I left Johnstown, Pennsylvania and came here five years and for months ago and I been here ever since,” said Nugent. “I just got stuck. I can’t explain it.””

    With all due respect to Ms. Nugent, when you find yourself in Fort Lauderdale because, and I quote, your “boyfriend was on the run,” I imagine that ending up on the streets is one of the BETTER living arrangements you can hope for.

    If she has so many able and willing family members to take care of her, why haven’t any of them taken the time to get in a car or on a bus, travel down to Fort Lauderdale, pick her up, and bring her back to PA? It’s not THAT far away. A few hours in the car or on a bus or train, then a few hours back. The whole roundtrip could be completed in under 48 hours, and that’s if you’re going slow. Soooo… Why didn’t they do it?

  22. Urban Meyer says:

    Was this article written by a homeless person?

    “for months ago”

    “will to take care of”

    Good lord, Florida! Tebow prays for your education.

  23. Steve M. says:

    Los Angeles is calling. Join the OWS-OLA crowd. The mayor and city council is getting down with the struggle and supporting them.

  24. J.j. Erler says:

    “I have three younger sisters, my grand children, my daughters and two of my sons,” who don’t care enough about their homeless mother to pool enough money together to buy her a bus ticket?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    1. Dennis Johnson says:

      Cry me a river!!!

  25. Stop being useless says:

    Let’s fly the nations homeless to California, they seem to enjoy caring for them.

  26. MTB says:

    Go suck up someone else’s welfare system…

    1. Michael says:

      How about shipping them to the White House the Bombas out on yet another vaca….They can sleep in the Pres. bed I’m sure he won’t mind….

  27. hoopty says:

    America, send all of your homeless to San Francisco. They love street bums there. They love the public urination and defecation in the streets, the drug use, the alcoholism, the mental illness. They love it!

    1. Spanky says:

      That’s how they find enough people to vote for Nancy “VISA IPO” Pelosi.

  28. hoopty says:

    Oh by the way, San Fran is also a “sanctuary city” so send them all of your illegal aliens and criminals. They want those people, too.

  29. Robert Nagel says:

    They may have a god given right to be wherever they want, but they don’t have a god given right to sponge off of the taxpayer. I have always wondered why cities didn’t just give the homeless a bus ticket and $50 to leave town. This may start a trend, housing people in Greyhound buses. Just keep all the balls, or in this case people, in the air and viola’ the problem disappears.

    1. Boater says:

      Somehow I don’t believe God gives a damn about taxes or taxpaying…

  30. Paul in FL says:

    Once she gets back to Johnstown she’ll remember pretty quickly why she came to Ft. Lauderdale.

  31. Dennis Johnson says:

    Kudos! cheaper than keeping them on the dole!

  32. Linda Freier says:

    I think Florida is a perfect place for homeless people to live. The climate is perfect for living outside all year long. I think all the homeless folks in Ohio should get free tickets to Florida if they want to move there,

    1. Dennis Johnson says:

      I have never figured out why there are BUM’s in Portland Oregon and Seattle WA. where Its cold and wet!. And yes they are bums or winos, enough of the PC homeless label already…..

  33. Emmett X Kelly says:

    The article begins with, “Just in time for the holidays,…” and ends with, “The city hopes to have it up and running by early January.” It’t can’t be both, unless there is some holiday in “early” January I never heard of before. Don’t repy New Years; if it were New Years they would have said that and not “early January.” Is it spin or just sloppy thinking on part of the author?

    1. Gia says:

      Little Christmas is January 6th

    2. Spanky says:

      The announcement of the plan is indeed just in time for the holidays, even though the transportation won’t be available until later.

    3. Paul in FL says:

      Chinese New Year is Jan. 23rd – it’s a little known fact that most homeless in Ft. Lauderdale are Chinese nationals.

  34. Yoink says:

    Florida is the south’s trash can.

  35. walter12 says:

    Good for them. The piggy bank is empty. The nation needs to know that the national piggy bank is empty also.

  36. egoist says:

    God, tell me these tickets land them in Washington DC!

  37. Busfare Reform says:

    Other cities will choose to reciprocate, thereby creating a ‘free’ travel network on the taxpayers’ dime.

    Here’s how it works:

    October: Milwaukee sends them to Florida, one-way for free.

    June: Ft. Lauderdale sends them to Wisconsin, one-way for free.

    Homeless Snowbirds!

  38. Bob Smith says:

    My sister is homeless in the Miami area, through her own choice. She has resisted years of efforts to help her with her various drug addictions. It’s sad to see, but I’m sure she is like thousands, perhaps tens of thousands (maybe more) in this country, who just refuse to be sober and live a responsible life. It’s not the governments job to take care of these people. If sending them to some relatives elsewhere will give them a chance at taking control of their lives, then this is money well spent.

  39. Stubby McNubbins says:

    Jeez…who wrote this POS column? Both they AND their editor need to be fired and sent packing on one of those Greyhounds. This is likely the worst example of grammar I’ve ever read on a news site of any kind.


    1. Gia says:

      Not to mention the people that are commenting. Some of them can’t spell or their grammar is horrendous.

      1. dwalk says:

        Mr. or Ms. Internet Monitor:
        Grammatical errors and spelling errors are quite common on the internet due to rapid typing and posting. Please try to focus on the subject, even though it is quite difficult for you.

    2. Dr L B Wu says:

      Very nicely put.

  40. JMWinPR says:

    If you’re going to be homeless, why be homeless in Boston, NYC, or Washington, give them some flowers and send them to S.F.

  41. Ryan says:

    Sounds more like a relocation program, since most can’t afford to come back.

  42. sandro says:

    For the ones without familiy to take care of them, send them to San Francisco. They
    love to have them. For all the illigals from the state of Florida, send them all to San Francisco.

    1. Spanky says:

      illegals not illigals

  43. Joe Thomas says:

    Blessed are the poor in spirit,
    for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
    Blessed are those who mourn,
    for they will be comforted.
    Blessed are the meek,
    for they will inherit the earth.
    Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
    for they will be filled.
    Blessed are the merciful,
    for they will be shown mercy.
    Blessed are the pure in heart,
    for they will see God.
    Blessed are the peacemakers,
    for they will be called children of God.
    Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness,
    for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

  44. Daemon Dingaling says:

    There was a City in Northern California that did this. After some complaints the program was modified and worked well. A bus ticket was issued AFTER someone in the home town was contacted and agreed to help the person when they got home. Many times homeless especially teens and young adults got thousands of miles away from home on an adventure or thinking the grass was greener on the other side, I am sure this program helped save lives and kept people from falling any further into drugs, alcohol and prostitution and many unwanted pregnancies did not occur. The big picture shows that it was a good idea.

  45. freecheese says:

    Hueston, TX did the same thing when they wanted to rid the city of black public housing refuges from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

  46. stoptouchingthatmabel says:

    OWS to OGB (Occupy a Greyhound Bus) Here’s your hat what’s your hurry and don’t let the door hit you on the @$$ on the way out. They should go to a sanctuary city they can’t throw you out there because they harbor illegal aliens.

    1. Spanky says:

      Real OWS communists would insist on a solar powered bus!

  47. Joe Thomas says:

    For I was hungry, and you gave Me something to eat; I was thirsty, and you gave Me something to drink; I was a stranger, and you invited Me in; I was naked, and you clothed Me; I was sick, and you visited Me; I was in prison, and you came to Me.’ “Then the righteous will answer Him, ‘Lord, when did we see You hungry, and feed You, or thirsty, and give You something to drink? ‘And when did we see You a stranger, and invite You in, or naked, and clothe You? ‘When did we see You sick, or in prison, and come to You?’ “The King will answer and say to them, ‘Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me.’

    1. Spanky says:

      What time is dinner and what’s your address?

    2. dwalk says:

      For I was stranded and homeless, and you gave me bus fare to North Dakota.
      To the extent that you did it to one of these voters of mine, even the least of them, you did it for me!

  48. Spanky says:

    “The program won’t cost taxpayers a dime. It’s being paid for by the Florida Law Enforcement Trust Fund, which is money confiscated from criminals.”

    Uh, This type of thinking is flawed. It still costs taxpayers! That money could be used for other things that taxpayers might want, like more enforcement of immigration laws.

  49. Jay says:

    Miami is out-Detroiting Detroit!

    Not that it’s a bad idea to try and send your problems elsewhere.

  50. Bq says:

    I love it . Let them go sponge off their relatives instead of the taxpayers.

  51. Bill O says:

    “For months ago.” Sigh.

  52. OldOllie says:

    It’s called “Greyhound therapy,” a very old and well-know practice for dealing with the homeless, especially those with mental illnesses. Police pick them up, and if during the course of interviewing them they can be coaxed into just mentioning another town to which they have some connection, they are put on the next bus.

  53. Fred says:

    Perfect. Except, if you are cold and homeless, where do you go if FLD is kicking you to the curb?

  54. T says:

    Begs the question… What do the folks expected to receive these family members have to say about this arrangement? 🙂

    1. Grammar police says:

      It most certainly does not. It would raise the question, prompt the question or bring to mind that question.

      But to beg the question is, essentially, to assume facts not in evidence. Begging the question is a legal term of art, a logical fallacy in which one assumes the premise of an argument without presenting supporting arguments. That has not happened here. The writer is using the term incorrectly.

  55. Bill Jones says:

    We had this problem in Arizona. Oregon was buying one way bus tickets for their mentally ill homeless people and sending them to Arizona. The mental health facilities started seeing an influx of homeless people with severe problems and no medication. It is called “GREYHOUND THERAPY”

  56. Nick says:

    Sorry, this was stolen from South Park.

  57. GL Lee says:

    Up here in Jacksonville, we had a bus tickets for bums program in the past, and it was money well spent. Since the program stopped we have once again become a haven for urban outdoorsmen in our downtown area. Unfortunately, the park where they hang out, urinate, defecate, and sleep is in a plaza area that businesses are sorely trying to survive in. Without the bums, it’s a fantastic area with great food and some nightlife, but who wants to be panhandled on date night?

    1. Paul in FL says:

      I used to live in Jax. City council loves having hoodlums and low-lifes downtown (although they would never come right out and say it) as it increases crime, thereby justifying greater expenditures on police, jail systems, courts, “re-education” programs, and so forth, thus empowering local government.

  58. Artic Slayer says:

    ” He said he was also concerned that some homeless people may take advantage of the program and use it as a cheap vacation.” They been on vacation!!!!

  59. ScottFromReno says:

    Brilliant, give them a one way plane ticket, and sneak a fire arm into their carry on baggage… lol make it someone elses problem, that’ll fix it!

  60. David says:

    Send them to San Francisco….better yet, directly to Nancy Pelosi’s house. I’m sure here liberal ideals will compel her to take them all in and look after them.

  61. BigBoa says:

    Wait a minute now….. But isn’t everyone rich? After all, according to the media, everyone is getting an extra grand thanks to the marxists and the GOP caving again…. So they keep talking about this “average” grand, which has to mean the “average” income is $50,000….. Unless maybe the media aren’t being HONEST? Say it ain’t so…..

    Either find the spine or get in line… No you may not.

    The mighty Boa WARNED you that O’Bozo needs to be removed immediately. The mighty Boa also warned you that only God knows what else he will pull between now and next year.

    Then he also warned you why the occupiers need to be confronted by the people and disbanded. Many claiming to be “conservative” called such testimony “shameful”……

    Well here’s to hoping those same pu$$ies now enjoy rampant disease coming to a neighborhood near them and here’s to hoping their relatives contract it. AND the violence they’ll also be bringing with them…..

    And by the way, enjoy the dictatorship.

    The public doesn’t have the spine to even take on the occupy bums. You actually think they’ll suddenly find spines to stand up to O’Bozo and the military?

    You were told that this imparting of wisdom would come to an end and the time has come. Reap what you have sown. So it is said, so it is written.

  62. BigBoa says:

    Joe Thomas,

    The Lord also expects people to be frugal and accountable with their money. Just handing it out to bums who have chosen their way of life and chosen to live a life of “scam” are not the people He is talking about. Remember THAT when you lecture people about “giving”…..

    1. Joe Thomas says:

      I’m not lecturing, nor judging. I need to listen to His words often, it helps me keep perspective in our crazy world. I offered it to this forum for thought, in the hopes it would help someone as it often helps me.

      Have a great Christmas.

  63. BigBoa says:

    How about the one who says she is where she is “cuz” she was with her “boyfriend who was on the run”……..

    THIS is of HER OWN DOING!!!

    But what the heck….let taxpayers cover SOME MORE expense for her, right?

    This nation needs to be BURNED to the ground and started over. What a bunch of morons. And the PUBLIC STILL sits on its apathetic backside and does NOTHING about an out of control government operating however it likes……

  64. TheChairman says:

    “It’s being paid for by the Florida Law Enforcement Trust Fund, which is money confiscated from criminals.”

    Umm… excuse me, but -where- did ‘Florida Law Enforcement’ get the funding, equipment, and mandate to confiscate the money from the criminals? Tax-payers.

    Something tells me it cost more than $25k (in police work) to confiscate the $25k.

  65. Rick O'Shea says:

    Send them all to Plains, Georgia.

  66. Chicago Jack says:

    We need to extend this offer out to any “hyphenated-Americans” out there who long for the ‘motherland’ or what have you…..One way, out…see ya…wouldn’t wanna be ya.

    Or quit moaning and groaning and get with the program. Work, participate, assimilate, don’t break the law, die…oh, pay taxes thanks to the liberal tax and spenders..

  67. Joe Schmo says:

    As someone from SoCal, I’ve always thought in the long run it would be cheaper to give illegal aliens, especially the criminal ones, a one way ticket to Washington DC and then even pay to put them up in Georgetown for a year. Cheaper and then the DC elite can live with em.

  68. August says:

    So in other words…Ft Lauderdale’s homeless programs DO NOT HELP ANYONE BUT THE POVERTY PIMPS!

  69. Diego Roswell says:

    Good plan Miami. Can you teach our city officials in San Francisco and elsewhere in California this trick, and perhaps have the bus take them back to Mexico?

  70. george carlin says:

    haahaha .send them to washington d.c. to live with obama.

  71. BDDD says:

    Just when we’re sending our BUMS to Florida!

  72. Wally Lind says:

    Funny, but probably good for the City.

  73. Jasonn says:

    Good idea if you live in Ft. Lauderdale, but probably a bad idea if you live at their destination. BTW – Do the homeless folks have to turn in their shoes when they get their ticket so they’ll be discouraged from walking back?

  74. Dave says:

    Years ago there was a city in Washington state that sent their misdemeanor offenders out of towon on a one way ticket like this, to HAWAII.

    Boy were da braddahs peeesed off when dey found out, eh! All bussup!

  75. Dave says:

    This could be done properly, a one way ticket one time, show back up and have to do community service to earn the next.

  76. Phil says:

    Looks like florida found a way to fix the homeless problem in there area….One way ticket out of town or homeless relocation program…Brilliant…

  77. Joe Public says:

    Bunch of selfish fools. That money would have been better spend on a bath, food and clothing for the unfortunate homeless, I guess they can all go home and celebrate Christmas with their families and know that out there someone is in need and not worry about them.

  78. rex dart eskimo spy says:

    what a great way to get rid of obama democrats. can we get rid of the current congress this way too?

  79. MomentOfClarity says:

    DigitalBob for President!

  80. R Smith says:

    A $15 trillion debt. And still there are people who say use more money to take care of everyone. They are at the opposite end of the spectrum from Hitler, who took care of no one. Both sides represent hysteria.
    Some homeless people cannot be helped without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for them over their lifetimes. There comes a time when you just have to leave those go.

  81. leslie says:

    If that lady has all those people willing to take care of her, why aren’t they sending for her now?

  82. Joe Citizen says:

    How about doing this for all the ILLEGALS in Amerika… One way back to wherever you came from. It’d save us LEGAL Americans Billions over time. Then, we could actually afford to help our homeless.

  83. Dan says:

    Ive got a home in northern Michigan….Any chance of getting a free bus ride down to Ft Lauderdale until spring??

  84. John Spurlock says:

    Intetresting idea… might help solve a MUCH bigger problem…

    How much do bus tickets across the border to Mexico cost?

  85. NYS Parkie says:


  86. Darth Vader says:

    It’s called “Greyhound Therapy”. Florida did it before in the 70s and 80s. Sent their homeless to either Santa Monica and/or Venice, CA. We were overwhelmed by Florida’s generosity.