Big Story:
Wow, what a weekend of sports! The Dolphins lost again; the Panthers split their weekend; the Heat’s roster keeps improving and possibly could get big time help this evening; plus my thoughts on the Heisman, a few more NFL nuggets, and whatever else I may think of along the way.
Let’s turn it up to 11 and hope we don’t have a Stonehenge moment!

Miami Dolphins:
Well, so much for that great winning streak the Dolphins were putting together.
I watched the first half and thought, well, make some adjustments and the Fins can still win.
Then the second half came about and I saw the old 0-7 Dolphins team return.
I turned it off for a while and then came back and saw J.P. Losman in the game.
After I finished laughing, I sat there and watched the Dolphins continue to implode.
Then I saw Armando Salguero’s piece saying the Dolphins will fire Sparano at the end of the year and keep general manager Jeff Ireland.
And here we see what will keep this Dolphins team as a mediocre at best team in the National Football League.
Let me explain what’s happening in the front office.
Ireland has acted like a snake in the grass and told the owner that he’s putting good talent on the field and that Sparano can’t coach them right.
So who has Ireland so successfully put on the field?
Well, he picked Vontae Davis, Jared Odrick, Koa Misi, Jake Long, and Mike Pouncey in the first round.
After that round, his picks well, here’s a sampling.
Nolan Carroll, Pat White, Patrick Turner, Shawn Murhpy, Chad Henne.
Nice job there putting good talent on the field….yeah, about that.
You see, Ross is a great businessman but he has no idea about the business of football.
He’s allowed Ireland to pull the wool so far over his eyes that he doesn’t understand the Dolphins roster is bad.
Yes, they have some good parts to build on.
But the majority of the roster is weak at best.
And let’s be honest, in the NFL, it’s all about finding your franchise quarterback.
Several have come and gone in the years Ireland has been here and he hitched his wagon to Chad Henne.
Well, when you do that and it blows up in your face, you and the coach should be gone.
Ireland’s defense will be….well, I brought in Reggie Bush.
Right, and he’s been responsible for how many wins this season?
And you could have had Darren Sproles for cheaper and he’s more productive?
But alas, the Dolphins are now the fourth wheel in the South Florida sports world.
A once proud franchise that has been run into the ground over the last 12 years.
If Ross develops some football acumen, he’ll dump Sparano and Ireland and start over.
Time will tell if that will happen.
But for this year’s Dolphins team, good riddance.
By the way, for those of you keeping track: the Dolphins would currently drat sixth if the draft happened today.

NFL Nuggets:
Memo to his opponents: DO NOT let Denver be in the game at the end of regulation.
I’m still not on the Tebow bandwagon, but there is something special about him.
His enthusiasm is infectious and he’s really taking the league by storm.
But if he continues to start so slow, it’s going to be a short trip in the playoffs.
If he beats the Patriots this week, I’ll be a lot closer to jumping on the bandwagon.
Yes, the Packers are really that good.
Yes, the Colts are really that bad. (Sorry Jawan)
The Texans and 49ers have clinched playoff spots….maybe there is something to this 2012 thing.
The Buccaneers will need a new head coach at the end of the year.

Miami Heat:
Well, the Heat could be on the verge of something really, really special.
Yes, we saw all there signings over the weekend.
I’m still curious to see if Eddy Curry has put his head together enough to make a solid contribution.
But, here’s what the Heat have their fingers crossed for on Monday.
What’s the biggest position of need for the Heat?
Point guard.
They desperately need a good defensive point guard to distribute the basketball and play good defense.
It would also let the Heat bring Mario Chalmers, Udonis Haslem, Shane Battier, and possibly Joel Anthony off the bench.
So, last week, the Knicks waived point guard Chauncey Billups.
Billups is a classic veteran point guard who if he was able to sign with the Heat would automatically make them an even bigger favorite for the NBA title.
Chauncey is playoff tested and ready. He averages 15.5 points, 5.6 assists, and 1 steal per game for his career.
Here’s the catch and why the Heat are crossing their fingers.
Billups has to go through the entire waiver process that allows teams with cap space to bid on him.
If he gets through the waiver wire, hello Miami!
But, that’s a big if. Plus, an owner like Dan Gilbert of the Cavs would love to stick it to the Heat by picking him up.
Billups proved he has the power with that though, threatening teams that pick him up with retirement if he doesn’t go to a legit contender.
Oh yeah, the Heat continue to pursue a man in the middle.
The Heat are reportedly still trying to work a sign-and-trade for center Samuel Dalembert.
They’d likely have to give up Mike Miller, possibly Udonis Haslem, and a draft pick or other consideration.
But I learned long ago not to doubt Heat president Pat Riley.
I’ll say this, if he can get rid of just Miller and keep UD and get Dalembert….I bow down to his sports acumen completely.

Florida Panthers:
The Panthers won Thursday, and then lost two straight over the weekend.
Still, they are six points ahead of the second place Capitals and they return home for four straight home games starting Tuesday.
The Devils, Flames, Hurricanes, and Coyotes are up next for the Cats.
The toughest game there will be against the Coyotes.
The Panthers need to get back on the winning track and close out December with a great season.

Heisman Trophy:
As I said here last week, Robert Griffin III was the hands down best player in college football.
He brought his best game against the toughest opponents each and every week.
Here’s something to remember to for the SEC fans who said Trent Richardson played a tougher schedule.
Baylor played more top 25 teams this season than Alabama did and even though they lost three games, it wasn’t due to RGIII.
He put Baylor back on the map in college football after decades of being the Big XII’s doormat.
Now, all I can say is that as a Dolphins fan, he REALLY needs to come here in the draft.

What to look for today:
Dolphins’ Sparano will talk today, don’t expect much.
It’s Heat media day, expect a little more from there.
Plus, the Heat will be waiting until 6 p.m. to see if Billups clears waivers.
I’ll be on top of all of those stories and everything else sports today.


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