MIAMI (CBS4)- Police pulled over drivers along US 1 looking for licenses and registrations, and less than 15 minutes into the operation one person was led away in handcuffs.

It’s all part of South Miami Police Department’s Multiagency DUI Checkpoint on Friday, which began at 8 p.m. at 63 Ave S. Dixie Hwy, north and south on S. Dixie Highway. Officers targeted impaired drivers, defective equipment violations, drivers with suspended licenses and seat belt violations.  We will provide high visibility in an effort to reduce vehicle crashes and DUI violations.

In the first hour, CBS4’s Maggie Newland reported that one person was arrested for driving with a suspended license while another had license issues, with possible narcotics issues. In total, 600 cars were stopped and checked by 11 p.m.

“My daughter was killed by a drunk driver, and too many people are killed and this is an excellent way to stop it,” Helen Witty said.

Witty said she comes out to support the police officers and bakes them her daughter’s favorite cookies, hoping the officers will think of her daughter while they’re working.

“She was wonderful,” Witty said. “She was 16 when she was rollerblading on a bike path and was run over by a drunken stoned teenage girl. It’s been 10 years now and this is where we are.”

Major Rene Landa South Miami Police Department said they are trying to prevent DUI accidents and deaths from occurring.

“Our main goal obviously is to keep somebody intoxicated from driving on our roads before they commit another tragedy in another family,” Landa said.

SMPD partnered with MADD and  various police departments including:

  • Miami Police Department
  • Florida Highway Patrol
  • Department of Homeland Security- Immigration & Customs Enforcement
  • Coral Gables Police Department
  • University of Miami Police Department
  • Hialeah Police Department
  • Miami Beach Police Department
  • Medley Police Department
  • Miami Dade School Board Police Department
  • Key Biscayne Police Department
  • Pinecrest Police Department
  • West Miami Police Department
  • Sweetwater Police Department

The check point concludes at 4 a.m.

Comments (22)
  1. Marilyn says:

    I was stopped at this checkpoint 2x. I was going north on US1 to pick up my daughter from and was stopped. I was then stopped again while going back home. I was told that I was being given a ticket for bending my driver’s license…how exactly do you bend a hard plastic driver’s license.. The actual ticket shows the ticket was for having a “broken” license… license is in 1 piece. The ticket is $129.

    No lie….there were about 300 police officers from all departments. I am sure some were on overtime pay. How is this allowed? Would it not be more effective to have 300 officers scattered throughout the city than to have them conjugating in 1 spot?

    1. Lockle says:

      Take it to court. By the way the way, “congregating” not “conjugating”.

    2. Jennifer Diaz says:

      Just so you know, a good amount of the officers that were there were off duty police officers. Meaning it was their day off and they came in to conduct this DUI check point. If you would have noticed there was a certain amount of Police Officers from each agency therefore there was still Police Officers protecting their jurisdictions, meaning our communities were still being patrolled. Regardless of how many officers were there, how do you bend a hard plastic cover driver’s license, it is possible, it happen to me.Depending on whether you are under 21 or not, the ID will bend vertical or horizontal. You need to go get a new one.

      You should be happy that they are conducting these stops and supporting them. They are saving lives, but of course most of the people cannot see it like that until they become a victim themselves and experience the loss of a loved one. WE really do not know what it is like until WE experience it ourselves.
      Imagine losing one of your loved ones because of a drunk driver, then what? It would be okay to conduct the stop?
      Let’s stop complaining and start supporting our Police Officers as they jeopardize their own lives for US EVERYDAY!

      God bless!

      1. nachomama01 says:

        You have a family member in the Police force don’t you , you idiot .

    3. Chet says:


    4. kato says:

      It is simply overkill to have all of those officers in one place at ojne time, it makes no sense

  2. Denis says:

    When they need money their told to go out and shake down the public.Then speed through the city with their ticket books full .But when one of their own gets caught drunk in his patrol car he’s sent home to sleep it off.HIPOCRITS.

    1. don p bottle says:

      Yea, what do you expect from these people that have no life and no brain??? It’s pure harrasment and this lady that got the ticket for a “broken” license the stupid cop will get it when it goes to court. These cops are a bunch of fools and clowns..let’s get drunk.

  3. george says:

    i would fight that ticket as long as it is eligible u will win,they are there 2 get revenue for the city,it has absoulutly nothing 2 do with safety,better yet all the money they make there should go 2 that community,i still dont understand why if u get a ticket it goes to the city,courts,cops makes no sense,everyone should stop and ask 2 use the bathroom, no demand,also should check on that law if they can ask for your liscense at a dui check,most states its illegal

    1. Kato says:

      This was ridiculous I drove by and thought it has to be a massive man hunt and or a multiple murder scene. There were literaly hundreds of cops and even a helicopter

      This a waste of our resources and our hard payed taxes, in the meantime all the real criminals are smart enough to stay away.

      Contact your district crooked commisioner and let them know how you feel

      1. george says:

        like i said i think in all the states it is illegal to force u in any way to show your liscense,or check your insurance ect when the purpose is a dui checkpoint.also u do not have to participate in there sting,u can turn around if u want, b ut u prob be pulled over

      2. nachomama01 says:

        I literally was stopped in backed up traffic 2 milies down US1 , all I had to do wasmake a U Turn to the south then I went west to 7th ave NORTH in order to avoid the whole mess .
        Why can’t drunk people have done the same ?
        In other words it was all stupid and a waste of the publics time and money . Those off duty Cops were on OVERTIME SPECIAL DUTY pay , they weren’t volunteering .
        Wake up Miami public , they want your money .

    2. Brad Canelo says:

      Yeah, I know right?! It’s called probable cause!!!

  4. hialeahtom says:

    This is very fine and they should do this more often. However, then, who check those cops?

    1. WhatcaGonnaDo says:

      No one checks the cops buddy. As soon
      as they are caught for speeding and drinking and driving that’s when they are checked. Most cops are hispanic so right there that is a lawbreaker in the making.

  5. BangBang says:

    Too bad the Virginia Tech shooter is dead. He could have paid a visit to the cops that were conducting this illegal check point.

  6. coppie says:

    Cops are not smart people. If they have any level of intelligence they would be doing something productive with their lives. Hopefully, during the next checkpoint set up motorists will veer to the side and kill about 10 to 15 cops.

  7. jeff Stubins says:

    A ridiculous waste of taxpayer resources – but this is nothing new. Surely there are better, more efficient ways to protect the public.

  8. 31Dude says:

    this is good ideal that save lives, but what isee is if that would be a officer with dui they would send him home uh, beside the state police dept need money to pay obama.

  9. Brad Canelo says:

    It’s illegal & they know it!

  10. James says:

    I think DUI checkpoints are a great idea,,the way some people drive down here with bawled tires and such while intoxicated,,please,,keep up the good work MDP…

  11. dirtdevil says:

    I was an officer there. it was my night off, I didn’t get paid for it. I volunteered for that night. Yes that was rediculous that officer wrote a ticket for that, personally I wouldn’t have. But he was probably on pay that night. Take it to court, you will win if you license isn’t that bad or get a new one before the date.