MIAMI (CBS4)- Almost 65 percent of adults in Miami-Dade County are obese or overweight.  Make Healthy Happen Miami is working to educate neighbors by providing fresh food and healthcare in neighborhoods that desperately need it.

“We want to make sure the community is informed there is access to fresh fruits and vegetables,” said Bridget Smith who is with the Miami-Dade County Health Department. Smith also works on the initiative Make Healthy Happen Miami.

At the Brownsville Farmers Market in Liberty City fresh fruit and vegetables are available at affordable prices.  From squash to egg plant, everything is grown in Miami-Dade County.

Art Friedrich is the marketing manager for the Urban Oasis Project.  They operate six farmers markets in Miami-Dade in conjunction with Make Healthy Happen Miami. He encourages residents to support Florida farmers and our economy by purchasing local produce.

The mission of Make Healthy Happen Miami is to reduce obesity and diabetes in the inner city by providing affordable fruit and vegetables.

“We match the price for the produce,” said Friedrich.  “If they spent $20 on vegetables, they get $20  of vegetables, but we only charge their EBT card $10.”

It’s part of the way, Make Healthy Happen Miami, is encouraging urban neighborhoods to purchase fresh food that’s healthy.

“Once you get started eating fresh fruits and vegetables you see how much better it tastes,” said Friedrich.  “You realize how much better your body feels.”

Starting Saturday at the Upper Eastside Farmers Market in Miami, The Miami-Dade County Health Department will be hosting a series of health fairs in connection with the market.  Adults and children can receive free health screenings and much more.

“We just want to go into the community and engage the community,” said Smith. “We want Miami to be aware of what we’re doing.”

For more information on local farmers markets supported by Make Healthy Happen Miami, visit their website by clicking here.