MIAMI (CBS4) – Newly released video in the Barahona murder investigation shows Jorge Barahona walking into a Publix on the day police believe he killed his 10-year-old step daughter, Nubia.

Other audiotapes released Thursday reveal just how confusing the Valentine’s Day scene along Interstate 95 was on that fateful morning.

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The first Florida Highway Patrol trooper called into his command center a little after 8 am – still somewhat befuddled by what he was dealing with.

“Kind of an unusual incident here,” the trooper notes. “We’ve got some type of hazardous chemical or something that they were ingesting. A young boy and a man, the man was convulsing when I got here and unconscious. The kid is wired.”

A paramedic arriving on the scene wrongly thought Jorge Barahona was experiencing a diabetic seizure.

Another firefighter recalled how Victor fidgeted uncontrollably and couldn’t stop rubbing his arms and bare chest. “He just looked scared to death,” the firefighter said.

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Troopers began to theorize, based on Victor’s odd behavior, the chemicals in the truck were used to make methamphetamines.

“See if we can make contact with this Carmen Barahona, see if she is at the house,” the trooper said, before telling his dispatcher to have Miami Dade officers approach the Barahona house with care. “Tell them to use extreme caution it could possibly be a meth lab,”

The most chilling new info comes from the deposition of the hazardous material technician. Pulling out a garbage bag from the back of the truck he said he saw “a little arm” and then “a little hand” and a body that appeared to be in “the fetal position”

A trooper immediately got on the phone to dispatch units to make sure Jorge Barahona didn’t disappear

“Even though the suspect is still intubated he is a possible murder suspect and we may need an officer out there, an officer at [the] hospital,” the trooper noted.

Meanwhile another trooper called his dispatcher to let them know that even though they had been on the scene for 11 hours, nobody was going home anytime soon.

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“They just found another body in the truck,” the trooper noted sadly, “they are going to be out there for a while.”