MIAMI (CBS4)- Whether old, young or somewhere in between, genes are what makes us different, and exactly when and how we experience the first signs of aging is completely unique to us.

Now thanks to a Florida-based company, Derma Genetics, the first genetically customized skin care system for anti aging is available.

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Dr. Julio Gallo at the Miami Institute for Age Management swabs CBS4’s Lisa Petrillo to explain exactly how Derma Genetics work.

“We all know people that are 50 look and like they’re 30 and people who are 30 look like they’re 50,” Gallo said. “So the idea behind this skin care line is it’s customized to your needs… to treat your susceptibility to photo damage or the way you age.”

Six different genes that impact your skin’s health are identified in the lab. After the DNA is analyzed the patient is sent an aging assessment report where, along with the physician’s personal examination of the skin, a map is created so the lab can formulate a skin line just for you.

“There is a base formula with active ingredients” said Gallo, “Then different ingredients are added just for you so your skin care products are different than mine or anyone else’s.”

Lauren Foster, who works for the Miami Institute, was one of the first to get swabbed. Her report shows that she’s sufficient in many areas, but does need some boosting when it comes to antioxidants and collagen.

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“Again, that’s all determined by your genetic makeup,” Gallo said.

“I really do think it’s the future of skin care… DNA specific just for me,” Foster said.

The skin care line features a serum. It’s a day and night cream and eye gel.

Gallo isn’t dismissing all the products we already own but adds that, “If you want something that really shows up well, and with clinical studies that prove it does work, this is the product” Gallo said.

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It takes about three weeks for your results to come in and you can only get it here at the Miami Institute for Age Management and that will be in February of 2012.  Total cost? Approximately $1,000 for a six months supply.

Lisa Petrillo