MIAMI BEACH ( – A large cylindrical torpedo-looking device which washed ashore on Miami Beach early Monday has been identified.

Police spokesman Juan Sanchez said the U.S. Navy confirmed that it was a training mine which had a ‘live’ blasting cap on it.  According to Navy spokesman Bill Doherty it is a MK57 inert naval mine.

The device was found on the beach near 58th Street and the beach.  Bob Jurasek found it and called police.

“I saw something out of the ordinary, it didn’t belong on the beach that’s for sure,” said Jurasek. “Up close it looks like a torpedo that is a little bit larger in diameter.”

Initially, police were stumped as to what it was so the county’s bomb squad was called in as a precaution.

The device, about 6 feet long and 2 feet in diameter, had red markings on both ends along with what were described as military markings on it.  The police researched the markings and found it belonged to the Navy whom they called.  The Navy said themine was attached to the sea floor off the coast and broke free from its tether.

“It is an explosive but not,” said city spokesman Adonis Garcia.  “It’s a training mine, not what you think of as a very large explosive, but it is dangerous so were are going to keep the area cordoned off.”

Police moved sunbathers from the area where the mine was found until the Navy came and took it away.

Comments (3)
  1. M. Linder says:

    Looks like a sonabouy! Dropped from a P-3 Orion sub hunter!

  2. Holographic Kitten says:

    Way too big. Sonobuoys are much smaller

  3. robert says:

    M Linder, you hit right on the nose! Thats what it is! There are different sizes. EX P-3 Navigator.