MIAMI ( – The Florida High School Athletic Association has given Miami’s Krop High School a break, cutting $30 thousand from fines imposed in a player scandal that allowed ineligible students to play for the school.

The FHSAA originally imposed a $53 thousand fine in September, and banned the school’s basketball team from statewide playoffs for 3 years. However, in a two-day meeting in Gainesville which ended Tuesday, the association took into account the fact that former principal Matthew Welker had been removed from his post, as well as the resignation of coach “Shakey” Rodriguez, as evidence the school was working to clean up it;s program.

Rodriguez had asked that his name be removed from the state action, a move the Association denied.

The Association has given the school 2 years to pay the fine, which started out at more than $300 thousand. Krop has already paid the almost $9 thousand cost of the investigation.

Krop’s appeal may not end here. The association left open the possibility the probation and bowl ban could be reduced if the school remains free of violation.

The original charges came after it was learned that Guard Bryan Delancy, a native of the Bahamas who was at the center of the controversy, was not eligible to play and officials at the school were aware of the problem. Krop was forced to forfeit its status in the state playoffs.

A wider investigation uncovered a pattern of disregard for state rules, according to the FHSAA,  including falsification of home addresses, and failure to submit forms required by the FHSAA to clear the eligibility of students who transfer schools. At least six players were found to be involved, with what the state claims was the assistance of school officials.

Krop officials claimed the problems were oversights, and unintentional, but the FHSAA called them “blatant’.