MIAMI ( – Fans won’t find Florida anywhere in the mix, but after Saturday’s games, there’s little doubt that the Southeastern Conference is the most dominant conference in college football.

Looking at the Bowl Championship Series rankings, the SEC owns the number one through three spots.

LSU stands head and shoulders above all teams after thumping Ole Miss so bad that LSU chose to take knees near the end of the game instead of running the score up further.

Right behind LSU is quite possibly the best defensive team in college football, the Alabama Crimson Tide. Alabama, coached by Nick Saban, has lost only one game this season, which was to number one LSU.

The Tide is in the unenviable position to play for the national championship without winning the conference.

In the third position in the BCS is the Arkansas Razorbacks. The Razorbacks have quietly put together a stellar season but now have to step on the biggest stage of them all Friday to battle the LSU Tigers.

If Arkansas wins, they could be in line to play for the national championship.

All LSU has to do is win out the rest of the regular season and even if they lost the SEC Championship game, the Tigers would still probably be in consideration for the national championship game.

Not to be forgotten in the SEC, the South Carolina Gamecocks are ranked 12th and are followed right behind by the Georgia Bulldogs at 13.

The only other SEC team in the top 25 is Auburn, which is ranked 24th in the current BCS rankings.

  1. Chucky says:

    Some people like to ask, “what are the 3 scariest words in NCAA football?”

    Actually, it’s only 2 words, but every bit as scary!

    Southeastern Conference…

    And even after a lackluster season, the Auburn Tigers, not to be confused with the LSU “Bengal Tigers,” are still the reigning National Champs’.

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