MIAMI (CBS4) -New documents released by prosecutors in the murder case against Jorge and Carmen Barahona reveal shocking details into the last months their adopted daughter Nubia was alive.

In 500 pages of sworn statements, Nubia’s former teachers told investigators that Nubia would come to school with a overwhelming body odor.

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“Old urine, feces smell – a strong smell” one teacher said.

The documents show Carmen Barahona reportedly told teachers that the odor was because Nubia was a Hermaphrodite, born with both male and female sexual organs.

In the statement, an investigator asked the teacher, “what was it that you were told?”

State prosecutors redacted the teacher’s answer, but the investigator’s followup question was telling.

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“So the doctors chose to keep her as a female?” asked the investigator.

“Yeah,” the teacher responded. “That’s what was told to me.”

But another investigator later told another school employee, “that was a little misrepresented by the mother. She actually had an adrenal problem. It wasn’t a true hermaphrodite. She was truly born female with all operating female organs.”

These are major revelations because, if true, prosecutors may use these sworn statements to show Carmen Barahona was hiding the abuse.

Nubia’s body was found decomposing and doused in chemicals in the back of her adoptive father’s truck on February 14, 2011. Her twin brother Victor and Jorge Barahona were found unconscious nearby, overcome by the noxious fumes.

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Prosecutors recently released hundreds of never before seen photos depicting filth inside the Barahona’s West Miami-Dade. The photos also show the master bedroom where Nubia was allegedly beaten to death by her parents before being placed in the back of the pickup truck.