MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Occupy Miami, which has been camped on a public lawn at the Stephen P. Clark center for a month, is asking for public help as a Friday deadline to leave the property approaches. The protesters say the county is ignoring a permit and violating their rights.

Dozens of protesters have been camped on county property since October 14th, when they were granted a county permit. When they submitted their request, they placed question marks in the space for the permit’s expiration date.

Organizers claim the county’s approval of that request means protesters can stay on the land as long as they want, and any effort to evict them is a violation of their first amendment rights.

They issued a call Tuesday for the public to pressure city and county officials, by calling them and reading a script urging them not to revoke the permit.

“Together we have shown America something pretty amazing, and we can continue to show America what it really can be,” said Bruce Wayne Stanley, a media organizer for Occupy Miami.

Miami-Dade officials said they don’t grand open-ended permits, which is why the requests have an end-date, and even if the Occupy Miami protesters entered question marks, that doesn’t change county rules.

They warned protesters last week that they would be asking them to leave at the end of this week, to give them time to make other arrangements.

Occupy Miami also has their own Facebook page for those interested in participating in future rallies.

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