WASHINGTON (CBSMiami.com) – Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney unveiled his plan to completely overhaul Medicare, which will directly impact millions of Floridians.

Romney’s plan is similar to the plan offered by Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan. Romney’s vision of Medicare is a voucher system to replace the decades old fully-government paid health care system.

Romney’s hasn’t finalized the full details of the plan, but the biggest question would be if the vouchers would be enough to cover the skyrocketing cost of health care in the United States.

Previous voucher plans have not proposed enough money for the vouchers to match health care increases.

In addition to Romney’s Medicare plan, he unveiled a litany of other measures he believes would help cut more money from the federal government.

Romney said he would strip $1.6 billion in subsidies from Amtrak, but didn’t say whether he would cut oil subsidies.

He also proposed stripping $600 million from the NEA and from PBS/National Public Radio.

One priority for Romney would be to repeal the entire healthcare plan passed by Congress and President Barack Obama.

Romney said that repealing the plan would save $95 billion, but the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office has disputed those claims.

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    Romneys an idiot don’t give him any attention maybe he’ll go back to his mommy

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