MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The City of Miami Police Department is investigating a two separate crashes which involved officers in marked police cruisers.

The accidents took place Friday morning as both officers were en route to provide assistance to a colleague, according to Miami Police.

The first crash occurred at the intersection of NE 1st Avenue and 6th Street between a cruiser and a black Audi.

Police say the Audi was travelling northbound on NE 1st Avenue when it collided with the cruiser, which was travelling westbound on 6th Street. In video from Chopper 4, both vehicles can be seen on the sidewalk and both are damaged, especially the cruiser. The front end of the cruiser was a mangled mess.

“The light was green but it has just turned yellow,” said witness Tekelia Jones. “I just jumped, I was like, oh my god!”

Miami police spokeswoman Kenia Reyes said the officer’s car is nearly totaled, and both the driver and the officer were transported Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Ryder Trauma Center. Their injuries are said to be non life-threatening.

The second crash occurred at the intersection of Northwest 1st Avenue and 11th Street where a cruiser crashed into a light pole. No other vehicles were involved and the officer was not injured.

Miami Police investigators are trying to figure out how the accidents took place.

Comments (14)
  1. Robert says:

    Maybe this was the same guy that was going at 120 MPH South-bound (FROM HOLLYWOOD) on I-95!!!

  2. Harriett says:

    Was it the same officer driving down the turnpike last month at 120 mph?

  3. Will Kane says:

    This is very typical. The cracker jack team of Miami policemen average one a day. They drive as if they are Invulnerable and could care less about endangering civilians on the street, as evidenced by the “Fireball” Lopez who was caught doing over 120 mph on the interstate. You can imagine how many are not caught. The Miami Police Force is always and foremost above the law.

  4. N Barahona says:

    Let me guess: This is another off duty Miami Police officer speeding at 120 miles per hour, like they all do, because the law does not apply to them!

    1. WeTrashCops says:

      No laws apply to cops. If I was going 56 mph in a 55 mph zone I’d be ticked and lose my license for 6 months. If cops were smart they would be doing something else with their lives.

  5. Jane Doe says:

    I wonder what that FHP officer is thinking now. I must admit I agree with her comment about the City of Miami officer flying down the highway. I see many of them on I-95 drive at a great rate of speed and faster than most officers from other agencies that speed.

  6. SopsCuck says:

    ha, ha, ha!! Where is the FHP troopers when you need them to pull over this idiot!! I wonder how fast he was going?

  7. AndrewJ526 says:

    Will somebody please contact the Florida Governor about the Miami Police, and begin an investigation?
    We (the public) need to ‘clean the slate’ at the Miami Police department, before they KILL someone!

  8. ConcernedMother says:

    An investigation needs to be lauched into the Miami police department. They are continuously breaking the law which they are being paid to uphold. State trooper, Donna Watts, was correct in pulling Lopez over for speeding at 120 mph. He could have killed someone! This accident pictured above is evidence of the Miami police departments wreckless driving habits. It was only a matter of time before Lopez caused an accident that could have killed someone. Thank you, Donna Watts for protecting us!

  9. AndrewJ526 says:

    Notice in the story, there was NO mention of the officer responding to a call?
    That’s right, “Miami Police investigators are trying to figure out how the accident took place.”.
    I can tell you right now what happened based on the position of the cars.
    Using North as the top of the picture, there is apparently a traffic light at this intersecion. The black vehicle was heading South, stopped at the green light, waiting to make a left turn. The Miami police car was heading North. The light turned yellow. With the Miami police car such a far distance from the intersection, the driver of the black car assumed as any normal person would, that the Miami police car’s driver would stop for the traffic light. So the driver of the black car proceeded to make the left turn; however, the Miami officer feeling he is entitled to run red lights, never bothered to even slow down for the yellow light, despite his lengthy distance from the intersection; rather, he chose to accellerate thru the intersection on the red light, thus striking the black car in the process. The black car got turned around from the hit and rolled to where you see it now, and the officer’s vehicle went sliding around, off to where you see it in the picture, the tread marks left behind from where the tires skidded across the pavement.
    Oh, but the Miami PD will need to take days to figure out how to ‘spin’ this accident as to show the officer had little fault if any at all.

  10. Luis bonilla says:

    City of Miami is buying time to cover up the facts. F the Police

  11. INFIDEL says:

    Let’s see how the Miami FOP spins this one. The Miami Police Department is fast becoming a joke, along with its officers. The good ones should jump ship and join a respected department where they can apply their trade with some dignity. The new uniforms in Miami should be clown suits.

  12. Oinkey says:

    Hopefully, the officers weren’t injured…. not.

  13. les says:

    This is what happened. Audi was traveling northbound at a slow speed on NE 1st Avenue. Police car traveling westbound on NE 6 Ave. at EXTREMELY HIGH RATE OF SPEED. Audi went through intersection with green light while the police cruiser flew through red light and hit Audi in intersection. Even with police lights on there was no time to react or yield with the police vehicle coming at such a high rate of speed from a location that’s not visible until you are in the intersection. Police should come to a rolling stop when they are in pursuit or have their lights on just like fire trucks and ambulances do, not just blow through them. thank God there were no kids in the vehicle

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